World Senior Curling Championships 2011 Day 1

Senior Men’s Blue Group
Scotland 2-0
USA 2-0
England 1-1
Hungary 1-1
France 0-1
Japan 0-1
Netherlands 0-2

Photo: WCF/Leslie Ingram-Brown

Senior Men’s Red Group
Canada 2-0
Germany 2-0
Denmark 1-1
Finland 1-1
Sweden 1-1
Czech Republic 0-1
Italy 0-1

Senior Men’s Green Group
Australia 2-0
Switzerland 2-0
New Zealand 1-0
Russia 1-1
Ireland 0-1
Latvia 0-2
Wales 0-2

Senior Women’s Group
Canada 2-0
Sweden 2-0
Switzerland 1-0
Czech Republic 1-1
England 1-1
Japan 1-1
Russia 1-1
USA 1-1
Ireland 0-2
New Zealand 0-2
Scotland 0-2

Flash Quotes from Players on Day 1

Ken Horton, Skip Team Scotland after winning their morning game against the Netherlands 6-2:
“This is the first time I’ve skipped in an international competition since 1977, because I’ve always played third. It was a tight game. They’ve played together a lot and they know each other very well and the skip played two fantastic draws, one to kill a four and one to kill a three when he had a couple of inches to come to and he made it. We played fairly well. The ice is swinging. It looks flat but it’s not. But we’ll get the hang of it.

Ingrid Meldahl, Skip Team Sweden (two time Senior Women’s World Champion) after winning their first game 6-2 against the Czech Republic:
“It’s a little tricky when you don’t really know the ice compared to the speed and so on. We’ve played every year since Gavle (2004). I think we can play a lot better, but it’s our first game.”

Geoff Goodland, Skip Team USA after beating Japan 8-6:
“We struggled in the middle of the game just getting any offence going. We couldn’t get the rocks positioned exactly where we needed them. It improved towards the end and we hung on and we got a deuce to push us to an extra end and fortunately for us they missed their last shot so we didn’t have to finish the game.”

Lenka Safrankova, Skip Czech Republic after winning their evening game 10-8 against Ireland:
“I am very tired, for me we played the first four ends very very well. We were winning 10-0 and then after the fourth end break everything was broken in my team. We had problems with our slides, direction, communication, we started to be nervous. I think that this event shows how curling can be a sport for every generation and I am very happy to be here play in this championship.”

András Rókusfalvy, Skip Team Hungary after they beat the Netherlands 5-3:
“It’s very good for us because the first game against England was very bad for us. We lost. The game against the Netherlands began very badly, finally we got better and better and after the break fortunately we began to win. We were very lucky. This is my third seniors, last year we were sixth in Chelyabinsk in Russia and it was our best result. Our aim is to repeat this result and to be in the first eight.”

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