World Senior Curling Championships 2011 Day 2

Senior Men’s Blue Group
USA 3-0
Scotland 2-0
Hungary 2-1
Japan 1-1
England 1-2
France 0-2
Netherlands 0-3

Photo: WCF/Leslie Ingram-Brown

Senior Men’s Red Group
Canada 3-0
Denmark 2-1
Germany 2-1
Czech Republic 1-1
Sweden 1-2
Finland 0-2
Italy 0-2

Senior Men’s Green Group
Australia 3-0
Switzerland 2-0
Ireland 1-1
New Zealand 1-1
Russia 1-2
Wales 1-2
Latvia 0-3

Senior Women’s Group
Canada 4-0
Japan 3-1
Czech Republic 2-1
Switzerland 2-1
Scotland 2-2
Sweden 2-2
USA 2-2
Russia 1-2
England 1-3
New Zealand 1-3
Ireland 0-3


Flash Quotes from Players on Day 2

Petr Slavik, Skip Czech Republic after winning their morning game against Italy 8-6, their first win of the event: “It was a hard game for us. We stole one in the first end and they took three in the second end. It was a difficult situation for our team. This is the first world seniors for a Czech men’s or Czech women’s team and we are very happy that we are getting wins – it’s very nice!”

Linda Young, Skip Team Scotland on their 7-6 win against Switzerland: “We feel great, we didn’t have a good day yesterday, so we’re on the board now. It was a very good game, we made them think but we all played a lot better. This event is a chance of a lifetime as I’ve never played an international curling event before.”

Mark Johnson, Skip Team Canada, on their game against Sweden which the won 5-3: “It seems like we didn’t want to get it going too much. They were throwing their first ones into the rings and we were hitting. I thought because we got up two that we were in control for a little bit, so we didn’t mix it up too much at all. I am new to this world championships the other three guys that I am playing with have been here before. This is their third time. The Swedish team played extremely well and we had a good game, we had to play well in order to beat them. When it comes down to last rock and you’ve got to draw to the four foot to the win the game, you know you’ve had a good game. The competition’s been outstanding.”

Margie Smith, Skip Team USA, after their 8-2 win against Ireland: “We just played better. We have taken care of the nerves and now we’re out there just playing. Yesterday we were all nervous, but that’s over now.”
Regarding their next game tonight, against Canada: “We’re just going to go out there and play the rocks. It’s not Canada, it’s the rocks. We’re yellow, they’re red. We’re just going to go out and execute.”

Bent Kristoffersen, Skip Team Denmark, following their second win of the event against Germany 9-5: “It feels very good to get these wins [Denmark beat the Czechs last night]. Our front end is playing very well. The third and myself could play better! This is my first world championships. We just want to play better than the Danish men’s team in Regina! And we’ve already done that, by winning two games!”

Tim Solin, Third Team USA after their 12-3 defeat of the Netherlands: “The turning point was the first end. We hit them with a four and then they were playing catch up. We just stayed on them the whole way and never let them back in. We got under [ the guards] early and often. They had some missed opportunities.”

Chris Wells, Skip Team Wales following their 6-4 win over Russia: “It was very tricky ice because it kept running straight on the take-outs, so that’s why we got a bit messed up in the first half and then we really came back well and everybody played really well to make the game comfortable for me. I’ve played five world seniors and played for Wales a total of 19 times over the years – so I have won games before as skip! But that one for the first win for a long time – so it’s really exciting!”

Christine Jurgenson, Skip of Team Canada, following their game against the USA which they won 5-2: “It is always tough, we thought Sweden would give us a much better game. I guess they are feeling a bit of pain there. We tend to not to like to lose! So we try our hardest to stay on top of our game and keep the edge. We controlled the game tonight [against the USA]. We had a shot at four in the first end. I just missed my shot. But it was there.”

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