World Senior Curling Championships 2011 Day 3

Senior Men’s Blue Group
USA 5-0
Japan 3-1
Scotland 3-1
Hungary 2-2
England 2-2
France 0-4
Netherlands 0-5

Photo: WCF/Leslie Ingram-Brown

Senior Men’s Red Group
Canada 4-0
Denmark 3-1
Germany 3-2
Sweden 3-2
Czech Republic 1-2
Finland 0-3
Italy 0-4

Senior Men’s Green Group
Australia 4-0
Switzerland 4-0
Ireland 2-1
New Zealand 2-1
Russia 1-4
Wales 1-4
Latvia 0-4

Senior Women’s Group
Canada 6-0
Switzerland 4-1
Scotland 4-2
USA 4-2
Japan 3-2
Sweden 3-3
Czech Republic 2-3
Ireland 1-4
New Zealand 1-4
Russia 1-4
England 1-5

Flash Quotes from Players on Day 3

Peter Becker, Skip Team New Zealand after beating Russia 8-4 “we kept it a lot more open today and played a more open game the whole way, that was probably the key to our success. My team were very good they played and performed very well.”

Wim Neeleman, Skip Team Netherlands after losing 8-7 to Japan: “we started very well and then I had two misses in the fifth end and that’s where we lost the game. Perhaps I could have made my last shot, it was a very difficult shot [a draw through a port to the button which failed to better the Japanese stone lying shot] I only missed it by a centimetre, not more. You can play the best shots like that but when you fail twice in the fifth end, then it’s over.”

Peter Wilson, Skip Team Ireland, who’s team stole a 5-4 win against Wales: “the luck of the Irish – what do you want to say! That was a very interesting game but I missed four bad draws and Chris [Wells, Skip Team Wales] played four great stones on the ones I missed, so that was it. And they swept the wrong stone at the end there. If they’d swept the other stone they would’ve won the game!”

Hugh Millikin, Skip Team Australia after their 6-4 win against Russia: “That was a really really close game. The Russians played very well. We were up one coming home and usually in that situation you just want to keep it reasonably clean. But we threw one into the house and we ended up having to guard it. At that point, it got a bit nerve-wracking because they got another one in, then they rubbed a guard and rolled a second one into the rings. It was very dicey. He [Russian Skip Sergey Melnikov] had a shot to make his two, but unfortunately he threw a bit of a flat handle.”

Chantal Forrer, Skip Team Switzerland after beating England 9-1: “I am not a fan of the kind of game we had tonight. There were a lot of stones in the house, and this gets difficult to get the stones out to score. We prefer to play takeouts. There was also a lot of swing on the ice. Before coming to this event, I had no idea of the level of competition we were going to find here. We beat Renate Nedkoff, who’s represented Switzerland seven times at this event, to get here and tonight when they played the Swiss national anthem before the game my heart was racing! I am so proud to be here.”

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