World Senior Curling Championships 2011 Day 5

Senior Men’s Blue Group
1. USA 6-0 (qualified for quarterfinals)
2. England 4-2 (qualified for quarterfinals)
3. Scotland 4-2 (to play quarterfinal qualification game against Germany)
4. Hungary 3-3
5. Japan 3-3
6. France 1-5
7. Netherlands 0-6

Ken Horton, Skip Team Scotland - Photo WCF/Leslie Ingram-Brown

Senior Men’s Red Group
1. Canada 6-0 (qualified for quarterfinals)
2. Denmark 5-1 (qualified for quarterfinals)
3. Germany 4-2 (to play quarterfinal qualification game against Scotland)
4. Sweden 3-3
5. Finland 2-4
6. Czech Republic 1-5
7. Italy 0-6

Senior Men’s Green Group
1. Switzerland 6-0 (qualified for quarterfinals)
2. Australia 5-1 (qualified for quarterfinals)
3. New Zealand 4-2 (qualified for quarterfinals)
4. Ireland 3-3
5. Wales 2-4
6. Russia 1-5
7. Latvia 0-6

Senior Women’s Group
Canada 9-0 (qualified for semifinals)
USA 8-2 (qualified for semifinals)
Switzerland 7-2 (qualified for semifinals)
Sweden 6-3
Scotland 5-4
Czech Republic 4-5
Japan 4-5
England 2-7
Ireland 2-7
Russia 2-7
New Zealand 1-8

About the Quarterfinals:
At the end of the round-robin series, and any tiebreaker games (if required), there will be a clear ranking for 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in each group.
- The 1st and 2nd ranked teams qualify for the quarterfinals on Friday evening (20:00 local)
- The 3rd ranked team with the best Draw Shot Challenge (DSC) result also qualifies
- The other two 3rd ranked teams play a qualification game (Friday at 15:00 local) for the last quarterfinal spot.

GAME 1 – Canada v winner of qualification game
GAME 2 – USA v New Zealand
GAME 3 – Switzerland v Denmark
GAME 4 – England v Australia

Semifinals – for Senior Men and Senior Women take place on Saturday morning (09:00 local)
Medal Games – Gold & Bronze – Saturday afternoon (14:00 local)

Flash Quotes from Players on Day 5

Michael Sutherland, Skip Team England on winning their game against Scotland 5-4 in an extra end and qualifying his team for the quarterfinals: “It’s the game of the week that I will remember, in fact I will remember it all my life! It was just quite amazing. Although that’s the second time I have actually skipped the English team against the Scots and beaten them – so it’s really memorable.” [Sutherland’s first win against Scotland was at the 2006 World Seniors in Copenhagen. Ronnie Peat was Skip of the Scottish team at the time].

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