World Senior Curling Championships Day 2 - Standings & Player Reaction

(Please note that the standings below are listed as games won – games lost)

Scotland fought hard against Canada but eventually lost 9-4 Photo: WCF/Richie Laurie

Senior Men’s Group A:

Canada 3-0
New Zealand 3-0
Japan 2-1
Italy 1-2
Netherlands 0-2
Scotland 0-2
Hungary 0-3

Senior Men’s Group B:

Finland 3-0
Ireland 3-0
Switzerland 3-0
England 1-2
Latvia 1-2
USA 1-2
Russia 0-3
Slovakia 0-3

Senior Men’s Group C:

Australia 2-0
Norway 2-0
Sweden 2-0
Germany 1-1
Wales 1-1
Austria 0-2
Czech Republic 0-2
Denmark 0-2

Senior Women’s Group A:

Canada 3-0
USA 2-1
Denmark 1-1
Scotland 1-1
Finland 1-2
Russia 1-2
Ireland 0-2

Senior Women’s Group B:

Sweden 3-0
Japan 2-1
Switzerland 2-0
New Zealand 1-1
Czech Republic 1-2
Italy 0-2
Slovakia 0-3

Flash quotes from players on Day 2:


Following their 7-5 victory over Russia, Finland skip, Kirsti Kauste, said: “We had hard moments in that game because we are not used to ice that curls so much. First it was difficult then we started getting more comfortable with the ice. Then we had some sweeping mistakes. But other than that I am satisfied because we won, I am very happy. The more we play on the ice the better we are playing. I think we feel more self-confident now with this win.

When asked what they would like to achieve in this Championship, Kauste said: “I think that our aim is to have fun and good games with nice people. If we win, of course it is a bonus. Every time when we win it’s very nice and we are so happy.”

Following Scotland’s first win of the Championship with an 8-5 victory over hosts Denmark, skip Barbara Watt said: “We’re happy! We performed very well throughout the game. The difference today was that basically, we made the shots. We put pressure on our opposition and they didn’t make all of their shots as a result.

Watt added: “We certainly hope we can continue our form. Because we played very well, it wasn’t a fluky win, it gives us confidence. It was a well played win - we knew we had to win to still have a say in the competition.”

Canada played their North American counterparts USA and won 12-1 after six ends. Afterwards, Canada skip, Heidi Hanlon, said: “We’re happy with the way we have started. We’re trying to play a game similar to what we usually play and we’re just happy we’re curling well at the moment.

“We can always improve. We just want to get the rocks exactly where we want them to be. We just need to tweak our weight a little bit for hits and draws. We’re sliding pretty good at the broom so we’re happy with that. We’re trying not to pay too much attention to the score, we’re just trying to pay attention to how we’re performing and take each game as it comes.”


After winning their second game of the Championship against England, by a score of 5-3 in seven ends, Switzerland lead, Heinz Meierhofer gave an overview of his team’s aim for the week. He said: “I hope we finish against Canada in the final. Nine years ago we were in Canada, in Winnipeg (WSCC 2003). We lost a tie-breaker for the semi-final – we had bad luck and I hope we have better luck this time round.”

Asked about his thoughts on their experience here at the Championships so far, Meierhofer said: “In our first game we were very nervous against Latvia. But the ice for us is perfect, the same as we have in Switzerland. But it is very noisy, that can be a problem because when the skip speaks, it’s sometimes difficult to hear him.”

Following Ireland’s second successive win of the Championship with a 7-3 win over USA, skip, John Jo Kenny, said: “We played solid, we got all the luck. They say luck balances itself out but we got four or five lucky stones, but we played ok.”

Kenny added: “We’ve not set ourselves any targets. We’ll play a game at a time. We’ve not played that many games this season – we’ve played three or four games so it’s still relatively new for us. So we’ve just come here and we’ll see how many games we can win, but that was a big win against the USA. I think everybody is going to beat everybody in our section so it’s going to be tough.

“We’re all from different clubs - two of us curl on the east coast (of Scotland), and three of us curl on the west coast but we’re all based in Scotland. I play for the Irish men’s team as well so it’s only really been since February that we’ve been able to play together but it’s not been easy, to get ice apart from anything else. We’ve had two practice weekends and that’s been about it.”

Kelly Robertson skipped Canada in their 9-4 over Scotland. Afterwards he said: “It was a good game. We knew that Scotland were going to come and play. We knew that they had already lost two games and they were going to be after this one, so it was a good game. Early on there was some really good shots. We made a couple of mistakes in the sixth end but we were able to get out of it. But we were quite happy with the way things went.

“For me, I thought about it all day. We only had one game and playing Scotland - I’ve played some boys back home from Scotland - but over here in Europe, playing a Scottish team, it’s just a thrill of a lifetime and it was everything I hoped it would be. At the end of the day we’re probably going to meet each other again, I know they’ve got two loses and we happened to beat them today, but they’ll be around near the end.”

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