World Senior Curling Championships Day 4 - Standings & Player Reaction

Standings (listed as games won – games lost. During the round-robin, teams with the same record will be ranked alphabetically)

Sweden's Connie Ostlund Photo: WCF/Richie Laurie

Senior Men’s Group A:

Canada 5-0
New Zealand 4-1
Japan 3-3
Italy 3-2
Scotland 2-3
Netherlands 1-4
Hungary 0-5

Senior Men’s Group B:

Ireland 5-0
Finland 5-0
England 3-2
Switzerland 3-2
Latvia 2-3
USA 2-3
Russia 0-5
Slovakia 0-5

Senior Men’s Group C:

Australia 6-0
Norway 5-1
Sweden 5-1
Germany 3-3
Czech Republic 2-4
Austria 1-5
Denmark 1-5
Wales 1-5

Senior Women’s Group A:

Canada 4-0
Scotland 3-1
USA 3-2
Ireland 2-2
Denmark 1-3
Finland 1-3
Russia 1-4

Senior Women’s Group B:

Sweden 6-0
New Zealand 4-1
Czech Republic 3-2
Switzerland 3-2
Japan 2-3
Italy 0-5
Slovakia 0-5

Flash quotes from players on Day 2:


After beating USA 6-5, Scotland skip, Barbara Watt, said: “That was a very important win for us. It helps to beat one of the others as we are all very much the same (in the group).

“We played some good shots at the right time today. There was one end, I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but we had four against us and I played two really good stones, which if I hadn’t, we would have had it, and that almost turned the game for us. In that last end my lead played two excellent shots, which made it difficult for the opposition.

“It’s utterly vital to be strong throughout the team - it’s very much a team game curling. You cannot rely on individuals, on the odd stone yes, but it’s very much a team game in every aspect – throwing the stone, sweeping, calling - it’s all team work and certainly today it worked.

“The USA were very, very good. I was just really pleased not to have to play my last stone. They are a very good team so it is very satisfying winning against a team that good.”

After picking up their fourth win of the Championship after beating Russia 9-4, Canada skip, Heidi Hanlon, said: “Russia started off well but we were patient - we’ve always been known to be patient and we’ve never been known to give up, and it worked. We were struggling a bit at the beginning however, for what I don’t know, but by the fourth end we started making a few more shots.

“We’re feeling confident and we’re happy to finish tomorrow with two games, two big games which we’re hoping to win. The ice is great, really good, consistent, so we’re happy with the way it is playing. We’re just trying to keep the pressure down a bit but we’re happy with where we are.”

The Czech Republic beat Italy 10-9 in the 19:30 draw. Afterwards their second player Jana Volfova, said: “We played very nervously tonight. I think we played very well in the first four ends but then I don’t know what happened, perhaps we got nervous, I don’t know. The whole game we were nervous because we scored five points, then they scored four so it became very difficult.

“We have one more game against Switzerland and it will be very difficult, I don’t know if we will win, I hope we will. This is our first time at this competition and we have done well. We have had a lot of fun here - we have learned a lot and gained more experience.”


Following their win over 10-4 win over Wales, German skip, Rainer Schöpp, brother of former world champion Andrea Schöpp, said: “Our performance today was pretty good. Our opponent was good but we were focusing on winning that game.

“For us it’s a little bit disappointing because we wanted to get to the quarter-finals but this is probably not possible any more with our two losses yesterday and against Australia on Saturday. We have been a little bit unlucky with important stones; I think at times they may not have been very well played. But I think sometimes we were definitely a bit unlucky.”

After Japan defeated fellow Pacific-Asia opponents New Zealand 7-3 in the 09:00 draw, third player Ryoichi Saito, said: “It was a very big win for us against New Zealand - it was a very important victory. This morning was probably our best game - I played very well and my skip made skip some very good shots. Our team work was very good and the win makes us feel good – it gives us confidence.

“We wanted this win today. Before this game we were on two wins and two losses, so it was very important to get this third win. We have one game left (as Poland have withdrawn). It is against Canada and it will be very difficult. We still have a chance to reach play-offs, but we have to beat Canada and will do our best.”

Following their 10-3 win over Russia, England skip, Michael Sutherland, said: “We were very steady today, as we were last night. We played very well, my team did what they were asked and I’m very pleased with our performance.

“We had a bad game against Ireland but we’re more confident now. If we win two more games then you never know, we may be there on Friday. We’re just in there with a small chance of the quarter-finals. We have Latvia and Finland to play so you never know.

“Because we are slightly more confident than we were earlier on, we will just get on, play our game and hope we’re successful at the end of it. Our aim really was to get in to the quarter-finals, we did that in St Paul a year ago and we’re hoping to do that.”

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