World Senior Curling Championships Day 5 - Standings & Player Reaction

Final Round-Robin Standings (listed as games won – games lost)

USA will play a tie-breaker against Scotland Photo: WCF/Richie Laurie

Senior Men’s Group A:

1. Canada 6-0 [Qualified for Quarter-final]
2. New Zealand 4-2 [Qualified for Quarter-final]
3. Italy 3-3 (To play Tie-breaker against Scotland)
3. Scotland 3-3 (To play Tie-breaker against Italy)
5. Japan 3-3 (Eliminated due to head to head record against Scotland & Italy)
6. Netherlands 2-4
7. Hungary 0-6

Senior Men’s Group B:

1. Ireland 7-0 [Qualified for Quarter-final]
2. Finland 6-1 [Qualified for Quarter-final]
3. Switzerland 5-2 (DSC 94.37) [To play winner of Tie-breaker to qualifying for Quarter-Finals]
4. England 3-4 (Ranked by DSC – 29.32)
5. USA 3-4 (Ranked by DSC – 32.12)
6. Latvia 3-4 (Ranked by DSC – 62.02)
7. Russia 1-6
8. Slovakia 0-7

Senior Men’s Group C:

1. Norway 6-1 (Ranked by DSC - 33.15) [Qualified for Quarter-final]
2. Sweden 6-1 (Ranked by DSC – 33.60) [Qualified for Quarter-final]
3. Australia 6-1 (Ranked by DSC -41.88) [Qualified for Quarter-final]
4. Germany 4-3
5. Austria 2-5 (Won against Czech Republic in round-robin)
6. Czech Republic 2-5
7. Wales 1-6 (Won against Denmark in round-robin)
8. Denmark 1-6

Senior Women’s Group A:
1. Canada 6-0 [Qualified for Semi-final]
2. USA 4-2 (To play Tie-breaker against Scotland)
2. Scotland 4-2 (To play Tie-breaker against USA)
4. Ireland 3-3
5. Denmark 2-4
6. Finland 1-5 (Won against Russia in round-robin)
7. Russia 1-5

Senior Women’s Group B:

1. Sweden 6-0 [Qualified for Semi-final]
2. New Zealand 5-1 [Qualified for Semi-final]
3. Switzerland 4-2
4. Czech Republic 3-3
5. Japan 2-4
6. Italy 1-5
7. Slovakia 0-6

Schedule of Play

Friday April 20, 2012


Women: Scotland v USA

Men: Italy v Scotland


Switzerland v winner of Tie-breaker (Italy v Scotland)


Game 1: Canada v winner of qualification game

Game 2: Norway v Australia

Game 3: Ireland v Finland

Game 4: New Zealand v Sweden

Saturday April 21, 2012


Men’s Semi-final 1: Game 1 winner v Game 4 winner

Men’s Semi-final 2: Game 2 winner v Game 3 winner

Women’s Semi-final 1: Canada vs New Zealand

Women’s Semi-final 2: Sweden vs winner of tie-breaker (Scotland v USA)

Gold & Bronze Medal (14:00 CET)

Teams: TBC

Flash quotes from players on Day 2:


After New Zealand qualified from Group B for the semi-final, finishing in second spot behind Sweden, New Zealand skip, Wendy Becker, said:

“It’s a great, great feeling - we will have to get used to it. The other teams have made us work so hard, it was a tough group to come out of but we’re so happy to have reached the semi-finals.

“It seems to be coming together at the right time for us. We know we have tough games ahead of us but we’ll enjoy them - we’ll give it every shot. I’m sure whoever we play they will have had a lot of experience in tournaments like this. So we’ll enjoy what’s ahead of us and see what happens.”

After finishing in first place in women’s Group A following their 6-2 win over Scotland, Canada third, Kathy Floyd, said: “We’re thrilled. That was our goal, to get to the play-offs and we’ll see where we go from there. For the most part we’ve played pretty well throughout the championship so far. We had two or three ends against Russia where we really struggled but hopefully we’re back on track. New Zealand are a great team by making the play-offs so we’ll need to start afresh and be ready for them.”

With Scotland losing to Canada and USA’s 7-2 win over Finland, Scotland will now play a tie-breaker against USA to decide who finishes in second spot in Group A. Upon finding out, Joni Cotton, USA alternate and coach, said: “We couldn’t be happier – being in the play-offs at some point is always your goal. The chips fell in the right direction and we have ourselves a tie-breaker game.

“Scotland beat us last time. We needed a steal in the last end and we didn’t quite get it taken care of, but it was a close game. A couple of missed shots turned the game around and that’s how curling goes. So we’ll be looking for a little sharper execution and we’ll give them all our guns tomorrow.”


Finland’s 7-4 victory over England saw them qualify from Group B for their place in the quarter-finals. Shortly after the game, Finland skip Timo Kauste, said:

“Today we played our own game, our own shots and in a couple of ends we looked at what kind of ice we had. Our stones were good, the ice was good, so now we can also put all our energy into the tactics and where we place the stones.

Talking about their forthcoming quarter-final, Kauste added: “We are nervous, but we will play one game at a time. I think we can do nothing except play our own way and try to find the best side of our curling. We will try not to be nervous with the shots we play, just think of it as an easy game and not give too many points in each end.”

Ireland joined Finland from Group B in the quarter-finals following their 6-5 win over Latvia. Afterwards, Ireland skip John Jo Kenny, said:

“I don’t know if we expected to get this far but we’ll take it. We’ve won all our games so far, we’re keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats with some nervy finishes, but it’s good and we’re happy.

“There’s a lot of good teams here so I wouldn’t say we were confident - we’re second favourites for every game we have from now on. But I think this puts lets pressure on us to win.

Sweden finished in second place in Group C after defeating Denmark 7-4 which saw them reach the quarter-finals thanks to having the second best draw shot challenge average. Following the game, skip, Connie Ostlund, said:

“It feels good, really, really good to reach the quarter-finals. That was one of our goals. It is a great achievement because it was a really, really tough group. Now we have to win so many games [to reach the final]. It’s a new tournament from the quarter-finals, it’s very exciting.

“We played a little bit bad in the beginning today, but we raised our game after the fifth end and got better. We are a really, really strong team, even when we are down we can fight back. In the quarter-final I think we need to be a little bit closer to the broom and take more care with the speed because we have had some trouble – but I don’t think we are the only team who have had that problem.”

Before the Sweden game had finished and Norway had been confirmed as finishing in first position in Group C, Eigil Ramsjfell, Norway skip, following his team’s 8-3 victory over Australia, said:

“It was a very good win today, Australia are a very good team and have been playing really well all week. We thought we were going to finish in third place earlier this morning but our draw shot challenge today might have changed things for the better.

“During the week we have had got a lot of practice and we’re now starting to play a lot better. If our muscles and bodies are up for it we will be there. If we take some time off to rest now we will be ready for tomorrow.

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