World Senior Curling Championships Day 6 - Results & Player Reaction

Senior Men’s Tie-breaker:

Sweden will play Canada in the Semi-final Photo: WCF/Richie Laurie

Scotland 7, Italy 5 (Scotland proceeded to Quarter-final Qualification game)

Senior Women’s Tie-breaker:

Scotland 8, USA 5 (Scotland proceed to Semi-finals)

Senior Men’s Quarter-final Qualification game:

Switzerland 5, Scotland 6 (Scotland proceeded to Quarter-finals)

Senior Men’s Quarter-finals:
GAME 1 – Canada 5, Scotland 2
GAME 2 – Norway 6, Australia 3
GAME 3 – Ireland 8, Finland 4
GAME 4 – New Zealand 4, Sweden 5

FINAL STANDINGS (according to WCF ranking procedures)

Senior Women

1-4. Determined following Saturday’s play-offs (Canada, Scotland, Sweden, New Zealand)

5. USA
6. Switzerland
7. Czech Republic
8. Ireland
9. Denmark
10. Japan
11. Italy
12. Finland
13. Russia
14. Slovakia

Senior Men

1-4. Determined following Saturday’s play-offs (Canada, Sweden, Norway, Ireland)

5. New Zealand
6. Finland
7. Australia
8. Scotland
9. Switzerland
10. England
11. Germany
12. Italy
13. Japan
14. USA
15. Austria
16. Netherlands
17. Czech Republic
18. Latvia
19. Wales
20. Hungary
21. Russia
22. Denmark
23. Slovakia

SCHEDULE OF PLAY - Saturday April 21, 2012

Semi-finals (09:00 CET)

Men’s Semi-final 1: Canada v Sweden

Men’s Semi-final 2: Norway v Ireland

Women’s Semi-final 1: Canada v New Zealand

Women’s Semi-final 2: Sweden v Scotland

Gold & Bronze Medal Games (14:00 CET)

Teams: TBC

Flash quotes from players on Day 2:


Scottish senior women’s skip, Barbara Watt, after winning their tie-breaker against USA 8-5 and progressing into the Semi-finals where they will play Sweden, said: “We feel absolutely wonderful, especially after my horrible game last night. I played a lot better and it surpassed everything we ever expected, we’re so happy. We played very well again, we put pressure on them and that was key to winning this game.”

Upon facing Sweden in the semi-finals, Watt added: “It will be a very tough game. They are a very experienced team. I have never played them before but we know they are very good. We just have to play well, as simple as that.”


After Norway defeated Australia 6-3, Norwegian skip, Eigil Ramsfjell, said: “It feels quite alright. It is more exciting than I thought it would be beforehand. We didn’t have high hopes because we have not practiced much for the past 15-20 years - I have played but the other three haven’t played as much.

“As I said before, we will practice our way into shape and are getting better game by game. We’re getting more confidence from each game, confidence that we can hit the stones on the right side, guess the right weight and so on, but it works.”

Swedish skip, Connie Ostlund, after their 5-4 win over New Zealand, said: “It feels great to have reached the Semi-finals- another win and two more games to go. Actually we didn’t play as well as I thought we would tonight but I was confident. New Zealand are a good team. I have never met them before but they are really, really good curling players.”

“Tomorrow we have to improve on lead, second, third and myself a little bit more. It’s Canada and they are a good team, but they are beatable.”

Canada won their game against Scotland 5-2 to progress to tomorrows Semi-final. Afterwards skip, Kelly Robertson, said: “I feel just fantastic (to reach the Semi-finals). That was a battle out there tonight. Scotland really played well – they had a tough day today with two extra ends and tonight they played really solid. There were a couple of ends earlier in the game, I think in the fourth, and we got out of it with three doubles. We always kind of had control, we had the hammer and we’re always one but up, but I’ve got to take my hat off to Scotland, they played well.

“We’ve played solid all week and if we continue to do that then we’ll be fine. But I realise everyone will be bringing their A-game because the prize is getting closer.”

Ireland won their Quarter-final game against Finland 8-4. Shortly after the game, Ireland skip, John Jo Kenny, said: “It is unbelievable. I think we’re playing Norway tomorrow and against one of the legends of curling in Ramsfjell. It feels like a dream just now but it might be a nightmare tomorrow.

“We changed tactics tonight. We tried a negative game and then I missed a shot in the fourth end, which dictated that we had to change our tactics. It’s the first time in this competition that we’ve had to go aggressive, and we’ll have to do this from now on. But tonight, I couldn’t be more happy.”


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