World Senior Curling Champoinships 2011 Day 6

Women’s Semi-finals
Game 1v4: Canada v Switzerland
Game 2v3: USA v Sweden

Swedish Skip Ingrid Meldahl Photo: WCF/Leslie Ingram-Brown

Senior Men’s Semi-finals
Canada v Australia
USA v Denmark

Semi-finals – for Senior Men and Senior Women take place on Saturday morning (09:00 local)
Medal Games – Gold & Bronze – Saturday afternoon (14:00 local)

Results & linescores:
And complete rankings after round robin

Senior Women’s Group
1. Canada 10-0 (qualified for semifinals)
2. USA 8-2 (qualified for semifinals)
3. Sweden 7-3 (qualified for semifinals)
4. Switzerland 7-3 (qualified for semifinals)
5. Scotland 6-4
6. Czech Republic 4-6
7. Japan 4-6
8. Ireland 3-7
9. Russia 2-8
10. New Zealand 2-8
11. England 2-8

Senior Men’s Quarterfinals results:
GAME 1 – Canada 9, Scotland 3
GAME 2 – USA 6, New Zealand 2
GAME 3 – Switzerland 4, Denmark 5
GAME 4 – England 4, Australia 5

Senior Men’s Blue Group
1. USA 7-0 (qualified for quarterfinals)
2. England 4-2 (qualified for quarterfinals)
3. Scotland 5-2 (won quarterfinal qualification game against Germany)
4. Hungary 3-3
5. Japan 3-3
6. France 1-5
7. Netherlands 0-6

Senior Men’s Red Group
1. Canada 6-0 (qualified for quarterfinals)
2. Denmark 5-1 (qualified for quarterfinals)
3. Germany 4-3 (lost qualification game against Scotland)
4. Sweden 3-3
5. Finland 2-4
6. Czech Republic 1-5
7. Italy 0-6

Senior Men’s Green Group
1. Switzerland 6-0 (qualified for quarterfinals)
2. Australia 5-1 (qualified for quarterfinals)
3. New Zealand 4-2 (qualified for quarterfinals)
4. Ireland 3-3
5. Wales 2-4
6. Russia 1-5
7. Latvia 0-6

Flash Quotes from Players on Day 6

Ken Horton, Skip Team Scotland after winning the quarterfinal qualification game against Germany 6-3: “That was ok, the ice was a wee bit difficult first end and we got a march on them. The ice was very swingy and we were getting some draws in and they were trying to hit and found problems and it just worked our way. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Klaus Unterstab, Skip Team Germany: “We are very pleased to have got this rank now. But it was a little strange there with the ice. But the better team won. We didn’t get as quickly used to the ice as the Scottish. They managed it way better than we did.”

Ingrid Meldahl , Skip Sweden, after winning their game against Switzerland 4-3 and making the semifinals. In 8 world senior appearance’s Ingrid Meldahl’s team has made it to the final stages on 7 occasions: “We have so much fun playing this event. This is a happening that the Curling Federation really should think about – when you are able to continue playing like this when you get a little older. The teams are getting better. The first years we played there were three good teams maybe and now there are five or six good teams. It’s improved a lot.”

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