WSCC 2016: Day six review

  • Sweden's women's team in action at Karlstad Curling Club Photo: WCF / Céline Stucki

Sectional round-robin play continued on Wednesday and in the Men's Group A division, USA maintained their position at the top-of-the-table, adding a sixth win so far when they beat Germany by 6-4. Behind them, Scotland and Switzerland are tied in second place, each on five wins. In Wednesday's play Scotland beat Belgium by 13-2 while Switzerland had a 6-1 win over the Czech Republic.

Canada, leaders in men's Group B, qualified for the play-offs after recording their sixth win without loss, beating Japan by 6-4. Sweden are in second place in this group, also on six wins but having suffered a loss earlier in the week. On Wednesday they beat Finland by 4-3.

In men's Group C, New Zealand lead on seven wins, thanks to two wins on Wednesday, beating England by 8-4 and then Italy by 6-3. Norway are in second place in this group, having beaten Australia by 5-3. Both New Zealand and Norway have now qualified for the play-offs.

England continued their unbeaten winning ways in women's Group A, beating Latvia by 8-2 to record their seventh win and qualify for the play-offs. Behind them, on six wins and one loss are Canada and Sweden who have also now qualified for the play-offs. Canada beat Lithuania by 5-2 on Wednesday while Sweden were 11-5 winners over Finland.

In the women's Group B, Scotland's extra end 6-5 win over Germany maintained their unbeaten record of six wins at the top-of-the-table, and was enough to qualify them for a place in the play-offs. Behind them in second place on the table, USA had a 15-4 win over Russia



  • Session 21: Belgium 2, Scotland 13; Japan 4, Canada 6; USA 6, Germany 4.
  • Session 22: France 3, Ireland 9; Slovenia won (over absent Turkey); England 4, New Zealand 8.
  • Session 23: Wales 5, Latvia 6; Sweden 4, Finland 3; Russia 9, Belgium 4; Norway 5, Australia 3; Czech Republic 1, Switzerland 6; Slovakia 7, Japan 4.
  • Session 24: Israel 8, Netherlands 9 (extra end); Poland 2, Denmark 11; Italy 3, New Zealand 6.


  • Session 21: USA 15, Russia 4; Switzerland 7, Italy 3; New Zealand 7, Austria 9.
  • Session 22: Scotland 6, Germany 5 (extra end); Finland 5, Sweden 11; Lithuania 2, Canada 5.
  • Session 23: no women's games
  • Session 24: Czech Republic 2, Sweden 9; Latvia2, England 8; Australia 4, Japan 6.

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