#WSCC2017: Day one quotes

  • Australia's Hugh Millikin Photos: © WCF / Céline Stucki

Flash quotes from the opening day of curling at the World Seniors Curling Championships 2017 in the ATB Centre, Lethbridge Curling Club, Lethbridge, Canada.

They said it, session three


Mari Hansen; skip, Finland (after 5-3 win over Switzerland): “That was our first-ever win at a world championships and it feels amazing. It is really nice to win against Switzerland. They were playing really good so I was thinking it would be an extra end but Elina [Virtaala, fourth player] played a perfect draw.”


Dan Mustapic; skip, New Zealand (after 10-1 win over Finland): “That was a very good solid effort from the team – we were very fortunate in the first end, we just happened to make every shot and once you get behind it was difficult for them to come back. We’ve been playing this for a few years now and we’ve been surprised by a lot of teams, so we go out there and try our best to be prepared ahead of time – it showed today.”

Adrian Meikle; skip, Wales (after 7-2 win over Russia): “The ice is very consistent. We managed to get past Russia last year, but it was a different team so we didn’t know what to expect. We were very pleased to never lose control in that game – keep the scoreboard right and keep hammer at the right time. A win is a win.”

Bryan Cochrane; skip, Canada (after 10-3 win over England): “We’ve worked hard all year to get ready, played a lot of games — I’ve curled over a hundred games this year. What’s hit me is that it took me until I was 59 to get here [representing Canada]. What are the chances of getting back again? It’s just an honour for all of us to get to this stage and we want to put on the best show possible.”

Peter Wilson; skip Ireland (after 5-3 win over USA): “I’m back with a new team this year. That was the first game – against America – and we knew it was going to be a big game, it was a hard game – I don’t know if we were ever really in control, it was really close. To make a shot at the end and make the win instead of the loss is very important for us, it’s a big win.”

They said it, session two


Marie Henriksson; skip, Sweden (after 11-1 win over Lithuania): "We played very well in this game and they were a little unlucky. If they made a take-out, their stone spilled out too, so they were unlucky. That win was not so big as the score suggests."

Colleen Jones; skip, Canada (after 6-3 win over Italy): "It always feels nice to get your first win - you’re on ice you’ve never played on, using rocks you haven’t used before and …it’s a world championship! So, we were cautious and we made some mistakes. It wasn’t our best performance…yet."


Mats Wranaa; skip, Sweden (after 7-3 win over Japan): "It feels good to win on good ice in a good curling hall. We’ll get into it a bit more after a couple of games. We were a little bit up and down but we got what we wanted."

Karel Kubeska; skip, Czech Republic (after 8-3 win over Belgium): "It’s always a bit shaky when starting a Championships, so we were not sure what to expect. The start of the game was so-so but then we caught things in the right way and it was good. The first game is always very important and it’s nice to win."

Ulrik Schmidt, skip, Denmark (after 7-6 win over Germany): "That was a big battle for a first game - forward and back. I’m happy with the win but not so happy with the way we played - it’s a ”W” and we like “W”s!"

They said it, session one


Patti Lank; skip, USA (after 10-4 win over Finland): "It’s nice to start with a win. Three of my girls have never been to a world championships before, so there’s lots of nerves out there. It was good and I’m glad it’s done. They’ll feel better, it took a few ends but they settled down and started playing."

Jackie Lockhart; skip, Scotland (after 9-2 win over the Czech Republic): "The ice is very similar to last year, so I like it. I’m really pleased - the team’s all settled in really well and it’s nice to get that first win under our belts."


Hugh Millikin; skip, Australia (after 5-4 win over USA): "That was a tough opener – USA is always a good team and they’ve been playing a lot and we haven’t, so to get a win there was fantastic for us.

"We had a good solid lead and we let them come back in the game in the mid-ends, so in that last end, we were just trying to make sure I had something open to make with my last shot – which didn’t happen in those middle ends. It was a tough shot but… you’ve got to make the last ones."
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