#WSCC2017: Day five quotes

  • USA skip, Mike Farbelow Photo © WCF / Céline Stucki

Flash quotes from the fifth day of curling at the World Seniors Curling Championships 2017 in the ATB Centre, Lethbridge Curling Club, Lethbridge, Canada.

They said it, qualification games

Jackie Lockhart [pictured below]; skip, Scotland (after 10-0 win over Russia): "We’ve got to be coming out with a good game whether we’re playing Patti Lank or Colleen Jones. The girls played really well there. We read the ice well, we set our stones in the places we wanted. It’s safe to say the Russians didn’t have draw-weight or hit-weight, but it didn’t matter because we were making really good shots. I’m really pleased with and it’s good going into the next game. This is where we wanted to get to – semi-final, after that, all bets are off, so… I’m happy."

Cristina Lestander; skip, Switzerland (after 7-3 win over Italy): "That feels great. When we discussed it, we really wanted to come third in the group to get another game, and of course then you get greedy and say ‘maybe the semi-final’, now we’re there. We want to play as long as possible and have nice games. We feel great in the team… I’m happy. We know USA, we’ve played them, it was a very tough game so I’m sure it’s going to be a nice game tomorrow too. No matter what, win or lose, we’ll enjoy it."

Adrian Meikle; skip, Wales (after 8-6 win over Israel): "I can breathe easy now - we got off to a fast start but they came back at us really well. They played some fantastic freeze shots, even though we might have been only six inches behind the t-line, and that got them back into the game. Thankfully our guys played well in the last end to clinch the game. Canada – I managed to miss the round-robin game [because of Mixed doubles commitment] but I’ll be happy to play them."

They said it, session 17


Hugh Millikin; skip, Australia (after 8-2 win over Ireland): "We expected a tough battle against Ireland and they made a lot of shots early. We just caught them on one end and that’s the way the game goes. We’re pretty happy, after our rough start, to come through and get first place. Everybody from here is going to be tough, so it doesn’t matter (who we face now). We have to go out and play as good as we can and hope things work out."

Mike Farbelow; skip, USA (after 8-6 win over Italy): "This has been a disappointing week for us, we lost a lot of close games, and were just on the wrong side of the inch throughout the week.
We’ve enjoyed it here – they’ve done a great job, so organised and the ice has been good. It’s been awesome. I’m very proud to represent USA and it’s nice to be here with the rest of the guys. We’d love to come back again."

Kevin Golberg; skip, Israel (after 7-4 win over Switzerland): "It’s been a great week for us and we’re very, very pleased with our showing so far, and there’s no reason why we can’t go any further. Hopefully, we can keep it close – as long as we’re in the game near the end we give ourselves a chance. We’re a greedy team and I hope we can play as well as we did this morning – I’m sure we can."


Titiana Smirnova; skip, Russia (after 7-4 win over Japan): "We are happy with that and the sixth end was the turning point… we waited for that chance and we took it. Every team in the other Group is strong so we will just need to concentrate on our team and our performance."

Fiona Simpson; skip, Italy (after 9-3 win over Sweden): "That was a good game, we’re very pleased. There was a completely different feeling in the team because we were more relaxed. We just concentrated… there’s a different something. It’s that gelling again – it’s happened. We know it’s going to get tougher and tougher. These are teams that we’ve already met, so we have a kind of idea of how they play so we’ll just play a stone at a time, end at a time, and just concentrate."

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