#WSCC2017: Day four quotes

  • Russia's Tatiana Smirnova Photo © WCF / Céline Stucki

Flash quotes from the fourth day of curling at the World Seniors Curling Championships 2017 in the ATB Centre, Lethbridge Curling Club, Lethbridge, Canada.

They said it, session 16


Mats Wranaa; skip, Sweden (after 9-5 win over Denmark): "That’s nice - last year we lost in our first game. We’re up and down this year. This was not a good game for us, Denmark did not play well either. You have to beat whoever you come against. Of course, Canada are big favourites at home, but we’re happy to face anyone."

Uwe Saile; skip, Germany (after 9-2 win over Japan): "It was a tough start to that game, but we scored four in the third end and made it much easier. It was OK but not great. We are third in our Group and now we have to look at how the others finish. We might have to play an extra game. We’re happy to be in but now we must see, one game after the other."

Tommy Campbell; skip, England (after 10-6 win over Finland): "It’s just a privilege and a pleasure to be on the same sheet of ice as the Canadians, the Scots’ boys and everyone else. We did not come with high expectations, we came to enjoy it all and we have."

Ian Drysdale; skip, Scotland (after 2-5 loss to New Zealand): "We’re still alive. We maybe should have beaten Wales last time and I feel we can do it this time."

Dan Mustapic; skip, New Zealand (after 5-2 win over Scotland): "That’s us through. We’re going to have a good day’s rest and then discuss some strategies and figure out what’s going to work for us."

Adrian Meikle; skip, Wales (after 2-7 loss to Canada): "We’re still alive - I’m amazed really. I’ve just been knocked out of Mixed doubles, so I’m pleased now to be able to concentrate on the seniors."

They said it, session 15


Hugh Millikin; skip, Australia (after 6-3 win over Switzerland): "That was a stressful game, they’re a great team and they’ve been playing really well all week. We’re very happy to win, but those guys are tough. It’s a huge game tomorrow against Ireland, it’ll be a great game."

Kevin Golberg; skip Israel (after 6-5 win over Italy): "Honestly, we haven’t played a lot of games together, but all the game we’ve played, we’ve always been in every single one, so we have that ability and that mental toughness. I’m very proud of that. We’re still in it and if we beat the Swiss tomorrow, we’re right in the thick of it.”

Peter Wilson; skip, Ireland (after 16-1 win over Kazakhstan): “That puts us on five wins now. We’ve got Australia tomorrow and that’s an important game, not only for qualification, but for ranking places too. Looking forward that’s important because you might get a tough draw… we’ll take what we get though.”


Jackie Lockhart; skip, Scotland (after 8-4 win over Switzerland): "I’m happier with that, the girls played well there. We came in today saying ‘let’s practice our calling, our stone placement, just practice for the quarter-finals’, and what will be, will be. I’m glad I’ve got good sweepers though."

Colleen Jones; skip, Canada (after 4-3 win over Japan): "A lot of our games have been lopsided, so it’s important to feel that tension of having to make a shot in the last end to win it, and you want to make sure you’re doing it at this time in the championship. Japan was making absolutely everything."

They said it, session 14


Adrian Meikle; skip, Wales (after 6-4 win over Scotland): "We were in a must-win scenario for that one. I think a tight game in the first four ends suited us, that let us get into the game and our confidence grew a bit. I managed to make a few good doubles with the hammer and that saw us right in the end."

Dan Mustapic; skip, New Zealand (after 7-4 win over England): "All we can do now is control what we do. I thought the team played well there and I felt I played reasonably well."

Flemming Davanger; skip, Norway (after 9-3 win over Belgium): "There’s still hope, a small hope. We have to see what happens elsewhere. It was a nice game we had today, but it’s just wait and see now."


Fiona Simpson; skip, Italy (after 7-6 win over England): "We are still alive. It’s very much on the line and I’m not even going to look. It’s destiny now."

They said it, session 13


Kevin Golberg; skip, Israel (after 6-5 extra end win over USA): "I made it a little hard on myself after the eighth where I missed that take-out, but I was glad to get another opportunity (in the extra end). That keeps us in the mix. We have two more games left against the Swiss and Italy and hopefully we can win both and secure a spot."

Stefan Karnusian; skip, Switzerland (after 7-3 win over Ireland): "Another win! Five in a row! But that was a lucky game, we had some good shots and they fell good in the house, which was lucky for us. Now we need another win for a good spot in the quarter-finals, so the game against Australia is important, to try to finish at the top of the group."


Jackie Lockhart; skip, Scotland (after 7-6 extra end win over Finland): "They had a great opportunity (in the extra end) so we got a get-out-of-jail card there. We won that game but you have to say we won it very ugly. We have to remember we are current world champions - we can play the shots, but we all have to play the shots. We can’t afford to be playing one good shot and then one bad shot."

Tatiana Smirnova; skip, Russia (after 8-6 win over Japan): "It took to the last end but we knew it was our last chance, so we tried really hard, that keeps our qualification hopes alive. Now we play Sweden and we hope to have another win."

Patti Lank; skip, USA (after 11-2 win over Australia): "Qualified – that’s goal number one obtained. It’s pleasing for us to get to that position. This is our first time coming to the senior Worlds so we’re very excited. Now we’ve got the waiting game to see what spot we finish in."

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