#WSCC2017: Day three quotes

  • Team New Zealand Photos: © WCF / Céline Stucki

Flash quotes from the third day of curling at the World Seniors Curling Championships 2017 in the ATB Centre, Lethbridge Curling Club, Lethbridge, Canada.

They said it, session 11


Patricia Lank; skip, USA (after 6-4 win over Scotland): “We’re very pleased with that because I gave away the game this morning. I don’t think Jackie [Lockhart, Scotland skip] had a good day today, I know that Jackie is an awesome player. I’m taking that one for fun because it was great but I know we’ll see them again and I expect it to be tough out there.”

Mari Hansen; skip, Finland (after 6-4 win over Australia): “We’re still alive, that was a very important win. It was tough and they are really good. We have to come back all the time and do our best, but now it’s tomorrow against Scotland.”


Bryan Cochrane; skip, Canada (after 8-2 win over New Zealand): “We’re in the play-offs now; that’s the first priority. Those guys were up for the game, no doubt about it. We’ve been waiting for this moment for 13 months; we’ve practised, we’ve played lots of games, and we’re anxious to get out and see how well we can do.”

Marco Constantini; third, Italy (after 11-3 win over Kazakhstan): “Maybe we’re still in contention, but I think we have just a little chance. We have lost two important games and we now face the United States and it will be difficult to beat them.”

Stefan Karnusian; skip, Switzerland [pictured below] (after 5-3 win over USA): “Years ago we had the hardest fight against them and we lost, so we’ve had a good revenge! We’re in good shape but tomorrow morning against Ireland is the next hard game. We’ll see! We’re ready!”

Hugh Millikin; skip, Australia (after 8-4 win over France): “We had a difficult game in our second one and that’s put us behind the eight-ball a bit. We’ve had to really pull it out for the next couple. We’ve got some tough games ahead of us, so we’re in contention but there’s a long, long way to go.”

They said it, session ten


Fiona Simpson [pictured below]; skip, Italy (after 9-1 win over Ireland): "We had concentration, good communication and we just went for it. It just wasn’t Ireland’s day at all and it nothing went their way. Every win now is important. In terms of qualifying we’re thereabouts, but I’m not looking - just every game, just one step at a time."

Miyuki Kawamura; skip, Japan (after 6-4 win over Sweden): "The Sweden team is so strong and during the game we had patience and a little luck. The key for us is communication and always smiling during the games, and trying not to care about the mistakes – that’s key."

Kim Kelly; third, Canada (after 13-1 win over Lithuania): "We’re definitely in our groove, that’s exactly it. We didn’t feel like ourselves on the first day, but now there’s that familiar feeling and it’s so comfortable. Colleen [Canada skip] today was a hundred per cent. Her throws were clean, confident, and her thinking was clear."


Uwe Saile; skip, Germany (after 8-4 win over Belgium): "Now we can’t lose any more games – the situation is not comfortable, so this win was really important with two games to go. We are playing quite well… sometimes we have too many easy mistakes that get us into trouble, but we’re doing well and we’ve still got a bit to improve."

They said it, session nine


Cristina Lestander: skip, Switzerland (after 6-4 win over USA): "That was a big win. We had a good start and the team that could draw had the advantage. It was a tough game, it was a great game. On the outside it’s tension, but in your heart, you just want to be here, you just want to play, you just want to have fun. Of course, you need to have the tension to get the focus to play, but we just enjoy being here."

Antonia Spilakova; lead Slovakia (after 9-3 win over Australia): "We’re very happy to have a win. This is all a big experience for us – it’s not every day you play with world and masters champions. We will play again and if we win that’ll be great!"


Ian Drysdale; skip, Scotland (after 12-2 win over Russia): "We’re quite pleased with that today, we played OK, so I’m quite happy. Hopefully that’s us back in the groove… with two games to go."

Dan Mustapic; skip, New Zealand (after 7-3 win over Wales): "We always knew there would be some tough games – we’ve struggled through a few and played well in others, so it’s just a matter of making sure we continue to improve. We’ve got Canada next and that’s one of the teams we’re looking forward to playing."

Peter Wilson; skip, Ireland (after 6-2 win over Italy): "We came out and played really well. We felt that would be a tough one, and, bar one end where we picked up four points, it was a close game. We’ve been up and down but hopefully we’re improving for the later stages."

Kevin Golberg; skip, Israel (after 9-1 win over Kazakhstan): "We seem to be improving with each game, so far, so good. We’re right there in the mix. They were obviously an inexperienced team, but we use a game like that as a practice tool, so I thought we curled pretty well. We’ve got some tough games coming up now and I’m looking forward to them."

Ian MacAulay; third, Canada (after 7-2 win over Finland): "We’re playing some games better than others, and some ends better than others, but we’re getting there, we’re getting in a groove. It’s a big game tonight - New Zealand is a tough opponent, and hopefully we can come out on the right side of that game."
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