#WSCC2017: Day two quotes

  • Canada's Colleen Jones Photos: © WCF / Céline Stucki

Flash quotes from the second day of curling at the World Seniors Curling Championships 2017 in the ATB Centre, Lethbridge Curling Club, Lethbridge, Canada.

They said it, session seven


Patti Lank: skip, USA (after 11-1 win over Slovakia): "We just kind of got back on track. We went out there with certain goals, what we needed to work on so that when we have our big games tomorrow, we’re prepared. We’re happy and everyone is throwing it really good."

Cristina Lestander: skip, Switzerland (after 6-3 win over Switzerland): "It was a really good game. We decided we would have to be more aggressive with ourselves and fight for it rather than waiting for something to happen. We felt good and we played well and we kept the pressure on."


Bryan Cochrane; skip, Canada (after 7-2 win over Scotland): "Scotland are a good team and they’ve competed well to get here. That was really our first test and our team got pumped up. It was nice to get the hammer and we got a fortunate two in the second end and got a little bit of control and it went from there. We got a fortunate steal of three – I didn’t expect that, I thought it was going to be a close game down to the last shot."

Mike Farbelow; skip, USA (after 13-3 win over Kazakhstan): "We’ve been playing well actually, so we’ve got to string a few more together and get back in it. We play the Swiss now and that’s a big game for us…must win. If we lose that we’re in deep, deep trouble, if we win, we’re in decent shape."

Adrian Meikle; skip, Wales (after 5-4 win over England): "I really enjoyed that, we came out on the right side. We’ve got to try to be steady and play to our strengths and try to identify the opposition’s weaknesses just to maximise what we can get out of the game."

They said it, session six


Colleen Jones; skip, Canada (after 13-1 win over England): "If I don’t find my game, we’re not going to win this. You need to find your rhythm, you need to find your comfort zone, and you need to love the ice. You need all of that to happen in order to win a world championship."

Ekaterina Priemskaya; lead, Russia (after 8-1 win over Lithuania): "We are happy with the win but we still feel our performance needs to improve. We are really enjoying this, we need to say thanks to all the volunteers and everyone else making this so worthwhile for us to be here."

Miyuki Kawamura; skip, Japan (after 6-5 win over Italy): "That was a very close game, my heart’s still thumping. We’re very happy to have that win. The town, the restaurants, and the arena…we all like Lethbridge!"


John Robillard [pictured below]; skip, Belgium (after 10-1 win over Poland): "That’s pretty good. It’s the first time ever Belgium has won in a Senior World Men’s Championship – particularly in the week where we open our first curling rink at home - it’s quite a major accomplishment for us. It’s a break-through and now we will see what we can do. Our goal is to at least give a good showing."

Mats Wranaa; skip, Sweden (after 7-5 extra end win over Germany): "Phew…that was a really close game. They played really well – we played really good too, but they were a strong team. It was a nice feeling to have two shots guarded in the extra end."

They said it, session five


Patti Lank; skip, USA (after 8-5 win over the Czech Republic): "That was too close for comfort! They had draw-weight and we didn’t. We got caught with the ice a few times, it was really swingy. We played the last two ends well, we did what we had to do and that was good. This whole thing is an experience for everybody, my team is just getting their legs wet and it’s good."


Stefan Karnusian; skip, Switzerland (after 8-3 win over Italy): "We’re happy with that win. It was really tough at the beginning but after three ends we got better and we had chances to put stones behind the guards. There were too many stones in the game for us but we had chances for big houses and the four in the third end - that was good. A win is a win and it’s important for the rest of the week."

Ian Drysdale; skip, Scotland (after 14-2 win over England): "That was a better game, it was a bit steadier. It’s always good to beat the auld enemy – it saves me getting a lot of ribbing when I get home as well!"

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