2017 WSCC F G H J K L M N
Saturday 22 April Team Meeting / Team Training / Opening Ceremonies / Welcome Reception
Sunday 23 April 0800 USA v AUS SUI v KAZ ISR v FRA RUS v ENG FIN v SCO sco v cze usa v fin aus v sui
1215 DEN v GER SWE v JPN NOR v POL CZE v BEL swe v ltu ita v can rus v irl eng v jpn
1630 WAL v RUS FIN v NZL ENG v CAN ITA v AUS fin v sui USA v IRL cze v aus svk v sco
2045 CZE v DEN JPN v NOR SWE v BEL POL v GER ita v swe eng v ltu irl v jpn rus v can
Monday 24 April 0800 SUI v ITA FRA v IRL WAL v FIN ENG v SCO sco v aus svk v fin RUS v CAN cze v usa
1215 GER v SWE BEL v POL JPN v DEN AUS v ISR ltu v rus jpn v ita can v eng irl v swe
1630 CAN v SCO WAL v ENG NZL v RUS KAZ v USA sui v cze SUI v FRA svk v usa X
2045 POL v JPN DEN v BEL CZE v SWE GER v NOR eng v irl ltu v jpn swe v can ita v rus
Tuesday 25 April 0800 NZL v WAL SCO v RUS IRL v ITA FIN v CAN aus v svk usa v sui fin v cze ISR v KAZ
1215 JPN v CZE NOR v DEN BEL v GER SWE v POL irl v ita rus v eng jpn v swe can v ltu
1630 IRL v ISR KAZ v ITA USA v SUI CAN v NZL usa v sco fin v aus FRA v AUS sui v svk
2045 SWE v NOR CZE v GER X BEL v JPN DEN v POL can v irl ita v ltu swe v eng
Wednesday 26 April 0800 ITA v FRA ISR v USA AUS v KAZ SUI v IRL rus v jpn aus v usa X sco v fin
1215 NOR v BEL RUS v FIN POL v CZE SCO v WAL NZL v ENG cze v svk eng v ita X
1630 AUS v SUI ITA v ISR KAZ v IRL USA v FRA jpn v can swe v rus sui v sco ltu v irl
Thursday 27 April 0800 FRA v KAZ IRL v AUS ITA v USA ISR v SUI Women's Tie-breakers
1215 Men's Tie-breakers
1630 Men's Qualifier (1 game) Women's Qualifier (2 games)
Friday 28 April 1000 Men's 1/4 Finals (4 games)
1400 Women's 1/2 Finals (2 games)
1800 Men's 1/2 Finals (2 games)
Saturday 29 April 1000 Women - Gold & Bronze (2 games)
1400 Men - Gold & Bronze (2 games)
1800 Medal Ceremonies and Closing Ceremonies - ATB Centre
2000 Farewell Banquet with Mixed Doubles Teams - Lethbridge Lodge
Training Schedule F G H J K L M N
Saturday 22 April 0900 Team Meeting at the Sandman Lethbridge Lodge
1015 POL DEN GER NOR can swe ltu ita
1130 CZE BEL SWE JPN irl eng jpn rus
1300 Opening Ceremonies with Mixed Doubles Teams - ATB Centre
1400 RUS ENG FIN NZL aus sui sco cze
1515 SCO WAL x CAN fin svk x usa
Ice Maintenance
2030 Welcome Reception with Mixed Doubles Teams - Lethbridge Lodge
Men's playoff games will all be on F, G, H and J. Training will be 15 minutes each sheet, moving from F to G to H to J. The women's games and playoffs willl be on sheets K, L, M and N. Training will be 15 minutes each sheet, moving from K to L to M to N.
Senior Women 15 Teams 2 Groups 8 & 7 Teams WOMEN WA (Yellow) WOMEN WB (Pink)
Canada (can) Australia (aus)
England (eng) Czech Republic (cze)
Ireland (irl) Finland (fin)
Italy (ita) Scotland (sco)
Japan (jpn) Switzerland (sui)
Lithuania (ltu) Slovakia (svk)
Russia (rus) United States (usa)
Sweden (swe)
Senior Men 23 Teams 2 Groups of 8 Teams 1 Group of 7 Teams MEN MA (Red) MEN MB (Blue) MEN MC (Black)
Belgium (BEL) Australia (AUS) Canada (CAN)
Czech Republic (CZE) France (FRA) England (ENG)
Denmark (DEN) Ireland (IRL) Finland (FIN)
Germany (GER) Israel (ISR) New Zealand (NZL)
Japan (JPN) Italy (ITA) Russia (RUS)
Norway (NOR) Kazakhstan (KAZ) Scotland (SCO)
Poland (POL) Switzerland (SUI) Wales (WAL)
Sweden (SWE) United States (USA)