WSCC 2016: They Said It

  • Finland's men's team at the World Senior Curling Championships 2016 Photo: WCF / Cêline Stucki

Team reactions from the World Senor Curling Championships 2016 in the Karlstad Curling Club, in Karlstad, Sweden.

This live blog page will be updated throughout the event...

Day 8: quarter-finals

Peter Wilson; Ireland men's (after 6-5 win over New Zealand): "I'm remarkably calm. I had draw weight the whole game and was pretty pleased with the way we were playing. We managed to get back into it. As long as we counted in end seven I thought we had a chance, and we got a little break at the end there. He didn't manage to make the shot and we're in the semi-final - last four, we're absolutely thrilled."

Randy Neufeld; Canada men's skip (after 6-5 win over Scotland): "That was a well-curled game. He made a great shot in six and we knew it was a battle right the way to the end. We needed to get the full four-foot [with my last stone in the eighth] and the boys put their heads down and we got it - pretty good for seniors."

Ole De Neergard; Denmark men's skip (after 5-4 win over USA): "I don't think I can believe it right now. We played very well in the first half of the game and we dropped totally after the break. So standing here, stealing two in the last end it's close to unbelievable."

Mats Wrana; Sweden men's skip (after 10-4 win over Norway): "It's really nice to beat Norway in the quarter-final. We were playing pretty good in the first half and then Norway had an unlucky stone in the fourth end and we stole a four, and that was the game. It's really nice to be performing for this home crowd."

Day 7

Judith Dixon; England women's skip England (after completing the group undefeated): "That was brilliant. We're so, so pleased. We never expected this. It's just gone our way and it's a great feeling. I feel like I've aged ten years this week. We're just pleased to have gotten where we have. This is better than anything we expected. We would love to take a medal but we'll play every game as we go."

Ole De Neergaaard; Denmark men's skip (having completed his group programme): "That means we're qualified. Last year we won eight games in a row then we lost the last two, the important ones, so this year we are trying the reverse - start losing two and then win the rest."

Stef Van Heddegem; Belgium men's skip (having completed his programme): "This has been incredible. It has been an experience we will never forget. It is the first time we've had an opportunity to play in a big tournament like this, and it was wonderful. We started as the underdog every time. We made a three-pointer in this game so we feel good."

Tommy Campbell; England men's skip (having completed his programme): "The boys have played well and have done a good job. We don't have enough experience really for this depth. This is the best competition on the calendar - superb. The people you meet, the friends you make and all the rest of it, that's what we enjoy about it. We're happy, we've had a great time."

Day 6

Gordon Muirhead; Scotland men's skip (after 13-2 win over Belgium): “It’s one of those games you feel you should win, because they’re sort of an emerging nation. We’re quite happy with the way we’re playing – we still have [games against] Wales and Switzerland. The good thing being is that it’s all in our hands, and as long as we win we’ll be there come Friday or Saturday. The goal is to be playing on Saturday afternoon. Just take it one game at a time, and go from there. The ice is brilliant, really, really good – it makes for good aggressive curling and the organization of events have been great.”

Gunilla Arfwidsson Edlund; Sweden women's skip (after 11-5 win over Finland): "That was a nice win, we needed that. We are third with two more games to go, so we're still in there. We hope to play a little bit better than today - we were a little bit shaky today. We just have to work...and work...and work.

Day 5

Geoff Goodland (skip, USA) after 5-4 win over Switzerland - second successive extra end win: "I'm absolutely exhausted...spent. That was two games where we just couldn't find the way to make it happen and we survived them.

We played two good extra ends and that was crucial. We put together eight good shots in each end, and stole them both. But we had struggled earlier in the games to make things happen, but sometimes you've just got to find the way. The guys were amazing, they just stuck with it."

Elena Kapostina (skip, Latvia) after 5-3 win over the Czech Republic: "We're happy with that win. It was very important. We made some mistakes, of course, we know that, but we tried hard and we didn't think about that. But it was so important to win this game. Our next two games will be difficult taking into account the teams we will play. We'll just need to concentrate even more."

Esther Kobler (skip, Switzerland) after 12-3 win over New Zealand: "We needed that win - and we need two more. Our results are near what we expected. yesterday we had a game against the USA and it was quite close, but we made some mistakes."

Andrea Scheopp (skip Germany) after 12-3 win over New Zealand: "I'm happy that I can play in both (seniors and mixed doubles). Seniors is like playing mixed doubles. I love to play and it's our last chance to play mixed doubles because Germany will make a pool of players from next year and they won't pick us."

Day 4

Peter Wilson; Ireland skip (after 11-3 win over Slovakia): "We're in a section with Canada and Sweden - they are the notables in the section. We lost to Canada heavily last night, but it's only one point. Now we've won four out of five and we're on track to try to make the quarter-finals."

Gordon Muirhead; Scotland skip (after 11-4 win over Russia): "You just have to be patient. You know they're the type of teams you should beat, but these guys [Russia] pushed Switzerland to the last stone. What we try to do is just keep it as open as possible and try not to get into too many guddles and just keep it simple."

Norma O'Leary; USA skip (after 8-5 win over Switzerland): "Well. we're off to a pretty good start, but we're not taking anything for granted, one game at a time. This was a big win for us. I didn't play very well the first half of this game, so I'm glad the scoreboard looks like it does, but Linda [Christensen - third] played great."

Day 3

Jackie Lockhart; Scotland women's skip (after 8-1 win over New Zealand): "Three games, three wins, so it's going alright, but I think there is still room for improvement. You have to concentrate one game at a time but there's a little part of me w that will keep an eye on the others. We were worried when we played the Swiss last night but they didn't have a good game and we did."

Ole De Neergaard; Denmark men's skip (after 13-4 win over Slovenia): "It was quite a disaster in the first match, we only had three players so we lost that match. Yesterday we had a tough game against Norway, they were better on the day and we didn't play well, but today everything was working fine. We think we've had the two toughest games in our group now, and we hope now to reach the quarter-finals."

Hans Frauenlob; New Zealand men's skip (after 8-7 win over Norway): "That was totally a grind. You drop a three in the first and you're scrambling right away. The deuce that we got was huge, and then a steal right behind it. We had to grind that one out, it was tough. I think that's where our experience helps us."

Day 2

Geoff Goodland; USA men's skip (after 7-6 extra end win over Scotland): "That was a very close game. We got a bit of a lead and then they fought every inch of the way. They made some good shots to get back into it and they finally took the lead in the seventh. The eighth end didn't develop so we didn't have a chance at a deuce and they forced us to take one."

Mats Wrana; Sweden men's skip (after 15-1 win over France): "I think we played really good but they didn't play so good today. If we can play as well as we did today I think we can win the rest of our games... I hope!"

Terry Loblan; Canada women's skip (after 7-6 win over Sweden): "We struggled a bit but it was our first game - it's nice to come up with a win, for sure. When you get that first win under your belt, it's very important. Overall, we threw not bad and we had a pretty god handle on the ice, but it's tricky. It's awesome, we're all acclimatised and ready to go."

Judith Dixon; England women's skip (after 7-2 win over Lithuania): "I'm pleased with the win but I think we can do better. I wasn't pleased with my own game, but pleased with the team. We've got some tougher games to come and we're going to have to be more positive."