#WSCC day five

  • United States’ Margie Smith © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

Coverage of the fifth day of women’s and men’s competition at the World Senior Curling Championships 2019, in Stavanger, Norway:

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Qualification picture emerging at World Seniors

With one more day of round-robin play to come, the play-off position at the World Senior Curling Championships 2019 is starting to emerge.

In the women’s event, defending champions Canada sealed qualification with a 9-6 Group A win over Hong Kong. In the same group, United States beat Lithuania by 9-4 to join them.

In women’s Group B, Switzerland joined already-qualified Denmark and Scotland with a 7-4 defeat of England.

In the men’s event, in Group A, Sweden and Australia have qualified. Sweden most recently beat France, 6-5, while a 6-2 win over Czech Republic secured Australia’s qualification. Canada beat Norway by 10-7 in Group B, however, both have now qualified. Denmark remain the only qualifier so far in Group D while, in Group C, Switzerland and Scotland have now qualified. Switzerland have a won five, lost none record while Scotland’s 6-3 win over Poland gave then a fourth win out of four and assured them of a play-off slot.

Australia’s senior men’s team in action, © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik



Margie Smith; skip, United States (after 9-4 Group A win over Lithuania): “We had that bad big end against Sweden and lost. I think this team plays better than our record shows and we’re happy to come out on top in this one. You’ve got to win the ones you’re supposed to win.”

Anette Norberg; skip, Sweden (after 9-8 Group A win over Finland): “It was not the best of games and we’re struggling a lot with the stones. It’s been difficult on all the sheets and that makes things not so easy. I’m glad to be in the position we’re in just now, but I would like to play better, because I know we can play better. It’s in our own hands still and that’s what’s important.”

Sandy Gagnon; skip, Australia (after 8-7 Group A win over Russia): “We feel fabulous coming off the win. We all played really well today and the strategy all worked. Fortunately, it came through with a win for us. The Russians certainly challenged us all through the game, so it was not an easy game by any means.”


Wayne Fitzpatrick; lead, Belgium (after 10-4 Group D win over Finland): “Amazing, it’s good to end on a good note, that’s our last game and we said we’ve got to do our best and – we did our best and got our first win… what more can I say? We’re really pleased with the organisation here, it’s been really beautiful weather and everybody has been really friendly, it’s been a great week, just like we wanted.”

Bill Gray; skip, Ireland (after 11-1 Group C win over England): “Coming off a good win is always helpful. We still have a struggle ahead of us, but we know what we need to do. We have been struggling a little bit to work out the ice but today is a lot better. We were drawing nicely, we put the stones in the right place and we haven’t done that all week, so we are pleased with that.”

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