Canada retain World Senior Curling Championships double in Norway

  • Canada’s men’s and women’s senior teams © WCF / Alina Pavlyuchik

Canada’s senior women’s and men’s teams have won the World Senior Curling Championships double for a second year running.

With a score of three points in the opening end of the gold medal final, thanks to an open draw by skip Sherry Anderson, Canada women set themselves on track to defend their world women’s senior title, beating Denmark by 10-1 in just six ends.

Canada – skip Anderson, third Patty Hersikorn, second player Brenda Goertzen and lead Anita Silvernagle, supported by coach Bill Tschirhart – went on to score another three points in the third end, and then after that, steals in the next three ends sealed their title defence.

Later, Anderson said, “It feels really good. We didn’t have our best game all week, the four of us, and I think that was the best game that we did have, the four of us, so it’s nice to get to a final and then do that.” She added, “The pressure of getting through the semi-final is off, so it’s just fun because you’re in the final. That’s what you’ve played for – to win a medal. So, you just go out and play, and that’s what the girls did, they made some great shots early. We played a really good first end – it wasn’t like they played badly, but I had an open shot for three and that’s always nice in the first end.”

Denmark – skip Lene Bidstrup Nyboe, third Susanne Slotsager, second player Trine Qvist and lead Lillian Froehling Hansen, supported by coach Gabriella Qvist – now take home silver medals.

In the bronze medal game, Switzerland – skip Chantal Forrer, third Liliane Huwyler, second Karin Sohmer and lead Ursula Miller, supported by alternate Monika Lutz – beat Scotland by 8-3.

By contrast to the women’s final, the men’s final between Canada and Scotland was tight all the way. The lead changed hands five times before, in an extra end, Canada’s men’s skip Bryan Cochrane raised one of his own stones to hit out a Scottish stone on the button, to score two points, and win the game and the world title, by 7-5.

With this win, this team – skip Cochrane, third Ian Macaulay, second player Morgan Currie, and lead Ken Sullivan, supported by alternate Paul Adams and coach Bill Tschirhart – retained the men’s title for Canada for a second successive season. After the game, Cochrane said, “We were in a bit of trouble early in the extra end, but it feels really good and it’s pretty special to win this.”

This was the first loss of the week for Scotland – skip David Smith, third Mike Hay, second player Peter Smith and lead Sandy Hay, supported by alternate Gordon Sneddon – and they have the consolation of taking silver medals.

Denmark – skip Ulrik Schmidt, third Mikael Qvist, second player Niels Siggaard-Andersen and lead Keld Henriksen, supported by alternate Per Svensen – beat Switzerland by 7-4 to win bronze medals.


Medal games: Scotland 3-8 Switzerland (bronze); Canada 10-1 Denmark (gold)

Results semi-finals: Canada 7-3 Scotland; Denmark 9-2 Switzerland

Results qualification games: Sweden 2-11 Switzerland; United States 1-5 Scotland


Medal games: Denmark 7-4 Switzerland (bronze); Canada 7-5 Scotland (gold)

Results semi-finals: Canada 7-4 Denmark; Scotland 6-1 Switzerland

Results quarter-finals: Canada 7-2 Australia; United States 4-6 Denmark; Scotland 9-7 Norway; Switzerland 5-2 Sweden