WWCC 2012 Day 2 - Player Reaction

Draw 5


After defeating USA, China Skip, Bingyu Wang, said:

“This win is a great for my team. I think we were a lot more comfortable tonight. I think in the first game and the second game we played ok, not so bad, but we wanted to try something different and change something for the better.

"I think my team really know how to play, are really synchronised, not nervous and get really involved in the game.”


After beating Germany, Russian Skip, Anna Sidorova, said:

“Finally we have our first win, it was a really tough one after losing two before. We just really had to win to help us mentally. We did really well today, we made a lot of good shots.

“It’s difficult to say what made the difference tonight. Finally we started to believe in ourselves and believe that we can win. We haven’t played together for over a month, perhaps longer, we had only two training sessions before the World’s so it’s been difficult. Now it has worked out and hopefully we will continue to play well, we just need to continue believing in ourselves.”

Draw 4


Following their win against Italy, Korea Skip, Ji-Sun Kim, said:

“Today’s game was very difficult. In the sixth, seventh and eighth end we didn’t play well so we really had to concentrate. But after the tenth I’m really really happy to get the win. My team played very good today.

"We’ve now won two in a row so we’re beginning to feel better and better about ourselves and hopefully our confidence will help us tomorrow.”


After their victory over Czech Republic, Swedish Skip, Margaretha Sigfridsson, said:

“We had a tough loss yesterday so it was important to win today’s game. I think yesterday, in the last five ends, we were not really on the edge, maybe a little bit low on energy and today we worked better on that.

“We weren’t suffering from nerves, the preparations didn’t go exactly as we wanted yesterday. We were a little bit tired but it was a close game and I don’t think there was much that we did bad. Korea played really really well in the last ends. We learned that we were a little bit low energy, and that the preparations weren’t ideal. It’s tight between the games so we need to work a bit more on that.”


After losing to Switzerland, USA Skip, Allison Pottinger, said:

"Honestly, it comes down to the very first end. You can't give up two in the first end and get behind right away. Then you're digging, digging, digging."


After beating USA, Switzerland Skip, Mirjam Ott, said:

“We had a good start, we kept control and it was a close game but a good game. We can still improve a little bit but we are happy with 2-0.

“It’s very nice playing in this arena, the ice is great, we just have to make sure we perform well. We really have a lot of experience throughout the team and I hope it will help us later in the week. Our confidence is growing game by game but there are still nine games to go.

“The USA really played well, they just had a bad start which gave us the opportunity to take the lead and we held onto it throughout the game, but it was a really close game.”


After defeating China, Canada Skip, Heather Nedohin, said:

"I thought that there were missed opportunities by both teams in the first half, but I got the scoreboard under control and went from that.

My heart is always pounding – how can it not be in an environment like this and the great shot-making by both teams. I guess my heart pounding is a good thing, I’m alive and kicking.

"Actually I think we’re playing quite well but as athletes we’re always looking for improvement, a percentage here, a percentage there, but overall I’m quite pleased with the way the team is playing.

"I don’t think we need to raise so much more. I think we’re playing quite well and I like what I see in the front end. I think we’re doing OK.

"It feels absolutely fabulous to be playing in front of this home crowd. It’s fun."

Draw 3


After their win against Russia, Denmark Skip, Lene Nielsen, said:

"That was very important. Yesterday was a really bad game and it was so important to us to try to play better today, and I think the girls did a good job today. As a team we played better today.

"We’ve still got to make changes in our technique, but I think we’ll be getting better. There is kind of pressure from home, but we’re still new on the world stage and we’re still learning. It’s a great experience being here."


After losing to Germany, Scotland Skip, Eve Muirhead, said:

"It was one of those games that could have gone either way. We gave them a couple of cheap twos but we played well to generate our twos back.

"At the end of the day we played the scoreboard, we got our two in the eighth but struggled to force the one in the ninth.

"We were trying to win it in the extra end, at the end of the day she made her draw perfectly and she deserved to win.

"A Loss at this stage doesn’t kill us. We’ve had tough games so far and you can’t go out there and win them all."


After defeating Scotland, Germany Skip, Melanie Robillard, said:

"It was a good game. We had pretty good control of it all game so it was a pretty steady game.

Imogen (fourth player) was amazing. She had really good draw weight, so she could bail us out when we needed her too. I was confident in the last draw, she is pretty calm and she made it. We’re playing really well. Imogen is a calm person and I’m on the hyper side, so she calms me down and it works really well."