WWCC 2012 Day 3 - Player Reaction


After their win against Germany, Switzerland Skip, Mirjam Ott, said:

"It was an important win for us and we did it, so we’re very happy.

"We had a big mistake in the eighth, we could have scored three and they got a steal of one instead. We lost a bit of control with that, so it was even more important that we won.

"They really tried their best it was a really good, close game, so it was a good win. It’s very close together among the teams."

Draw 8


After beating Scotland, USA Skip, Allison Pottinger, said:

"This was a lot better. We just decided ‘let’s finally stop worrying about it and play our game and came out firing and ready to go. It’s a lot more fun, I gotta be honest.

"When we first came in we’re playing Canada so you’re uptight. Then we had Switzerland and China and we felt like it was a hard lineup to start with and you try to change the system. We were over analyzing 'what are they going to do? What are we going to do’ and finally I just said to the team we don’t care what they throw or what they do. We know what we can do and let’s just go out there and let’s go do it.

"I think we’re starting to feel really good about the broom and about the rocks. I think we’re just going to start rolling now."


After losing to USA, Scotland Skip, Eve Muirhead, said:

"It’s difficult to say what’s wrong. It’s one shot every end that’s catching us out.

"I’m really struggling with the stones out there, they’re a really tricky set of stones and they’re getting on top of us a little bit.

"Apart from that, it’s one little thing. All it’ll take is one game to get a good win and that’ll put us back on track."

"It’s not just us that are struggling out there. I think a few teams are, so we’re not the only ones. It’s just one or two shots every end that’s catching us out.

"We’ll keep it the same. We’ve had a lot of pressure on our shoulders coming into here, pressure we didn’t need, so we’re just going to go out and play how we know we can play and just make the simple shots well.

"We’ve only lost three games. We’re not out of the Championships and we’re still right in the mix, so I don’t think it’s something to worry about."


Following their victory over Canada, Denmark Skip, Lene Nielsen, said:

“We had to make a lot of good shots, key shot curling I think some people call it. It was a good game for us and amazing setting in there, all those people. I like playing Canada, they play school book curling so it’s really good playing them - I like beating Canada!”

“You will always have butterflies but I was pretty sure about the call and the weight so it was a good shot for me. This gives us a lot of confidence - the team worked a lot better today and I’m really proud of the girls.”


After their win against China, Russian Skip, Anna Sidorova, said:

“We are really happy. We were lucky with our last stone - if she played it differently it could have been a really big problem for us making the two foot or the button. I was nervous on the last stone but I tried to stop and be calm. We had some trouble in the middle of the game when we lost the two points in the end without hammer [the fourth and sixth ends]. Fortunately we took two more when we had hammer which helped us.

“Last evening we won, and this morning when we lost - I caught myself thinking, when I’m really trying to do something, trying to concentrate, I cannot do what I know I can do. I just need to feel more comfortable, I need to feel more calm with my last stones because I know that I can do it. When I become nervous, a bit more than I’m used to, I become too tense, but I think that in this game I made it and it worked out for us.

“I’m not too surprised China struggled tonight because they have changed their team around, where as we are used to changing our team. I think other teams may not be used to changes in their line-up.”

Draw 7


Following their win over Czech Republic, Canada Skip, Heather Nedohin, said:

"We’ve been looking at the way we’ve been starting out our games, and we’re coming out too slowly at the gate, so we’re going to have to get mean.

"At the fifth end break, we said ‘it’s a fresh game, it’s tied’ and we got into a better five.

"You’re going to see a different game out here next time, playing the second end in particular.

"I’d like to say I didn’t throw it that bad but it was a fresh spot and there definitely is more curl today.

"We know we’ve got areas to improve on, but we got tough and mean, grinding out each shot and being more precise, but we don’t give up.

"After the second end, I said to the team ‘it’s how we respond’ and we responded the way I’d like to see us respond."


Following their victory over China, Italy Skip, Diana Gaspari, said:

“We are still very much alive, we are really happy. We didn’t expect in the middle of the game to win because we knew it would be really hard to steal. Don’t forget this team [USA] were world champions but then they missed that shot and we managed to recover our energy because we were a bit tired to be honest.

“I think the difference has been that we are controlling the weight better, with the brooms and also with the throws. The first two games we swept a bit too much, we didn’t know how much to sweep, and now we are controlling the weight a lot better.”


After winning their game against USA, Korea Skip, Ji-Sun Kim, said:

“Every day we practiced for five hours over the past year and my shots have improved. Our ice reading and shot making has been good so far.

“In Korea the ice is very straight but we managed to practice at Calgary Curling Club which has a lot more curl on the ice, so practice has helped us and made us feel better.

“I’m very surprised, I don’t know how we have got four wins but it feels very good. I hoped to reach play-offs, now I want a medal.”

Draw 6


After their defeat to Korea, Scotland Skip, Eve Muirhead, said:

"I think that was a poor performance, but give them their due, they played great, they converted their two as well. We’re going to have to step it up big-time.

"We’re just missing shots that we don’t usually miss – the unit’s falling apart a little and we need to build it up.

"They did play well and they’re going to win more games out here. It’s in our hands. We can’t get panicked, it’s down to ourselves at the end of the day. If we step it up, then we’ll be around, and if we don’t we’re not going to be, so it’s in our own hands."


After their win against Germany, Swedish Skip, Margaretha Sigfridsson, said:

"We had a really good feeling all the way through this game, and it felt really good today.

"We got to keep a few stones in the house in the second end, and they really didn’t stick with their stones so I had a hit and roll for three.

"We aimed to win the seventh end, but be sure to be able to take one and I was not too happy asbout how it looked in the middle of the end, but them we got a nice hit and roll and got to stay. Maria had two very nice rocks too.

"I think we stepped up a little bit this game. We’ve played well in all the games, but this game was the best and good energy. We also like morning games.

"Now we’re a little more used to the ice – which is really, really good, we’re getting to place our stones exactly where we want them and I got my weight right in this game."


Following their victory over Czech Republic, Italy Skip, Diana Gaspari, said:

“We were increasing our performance game after game and finally we get the win so we are really happy. We didn’t stop believing after three losses, and this is the right way to go on.

“We played really good, finally we played every end as we liked to do. We have to go on this way, hand by hand. I’m really happy with my performance. I was a bit worried after two years away from the big competitions, but with this team I feel really comfortable - it feels like I never left.”


Following their win against Czech Republic, Denmark Skip, Lene Nielsen, said:

“We had a tough game against Scotland last night, it was difficult to get ready for this morning, but we did it, we won so we are happy.

“I think we are beginning to find the form we found last year, a couple more games and we will be there. All the teams here are playing really really good, everyone is beating everyone, so we will see at the end of the week. I doesn’t matter where in the world we are playing, the ice is great, the stones are great, we are just enjoy it.”


After their win against Scotland, Korea Skip, Ji-Sun Kim, said:

“It was a very exciting and fun game today, but it was really difficult. I feel very good after getting the win and hopefully we will get better and better day by day. But the next game is a new game and I don’t know whether we will win or lose, but I want to win. I want to reach the play-offs.”

“My team is better than last year – they know the game more and I can read the ice a lot better. Our throwing is good and mentally we are better prepared.”