WWCC 2012 Day 4 - Player Reaction

Draw 11


After beating Canada, Sweden fourth, Maria Prtyz, said:

"Yes I felt I played well and all the team played well. I made almost every stone.

"We struggled against Russia – we lost the five but we tried to put that behind us.

"The two threes made the game and helped us but we knew that with these ice conditions our opponents could easily get a two, so we didn’t relax too much, but it felt great."

Sweden Skip, Margaretha Sigfridsson, added:

"It felt good to go out and have a well-played game against Canada. We decided to just go out and play our very best and enjoy the crowd.

"We just need to keep going and win the rest of the games.

"We don’t get too many opportunities to play against Canada, and of course you want to win."


After their victory over Italy, Natalie Nicholson, USA second, said:

"One of the things we’ve been better at is talking more about the ice and how it’s running and especially for the next end and the next couple of shots.

"We’ve kind of been doing that anyway, but I think more of it has to do with focusing on what we’re doing and not worrying so much about what the other team is doing and worrying about what their tendencies are. So I think that’s made a big difference in terms of making us feel more empowered and confident."

"It does feel good. I feel like we’ve been playing well. I think it’s just a matter of focusing on one game at a time. All we can do is continue to do our best and improve each game, finish out strong, and that’s all we can do.

"You hate to hope other teams help you out, but you can’t count on it so you have to try to do the best yourself and deal with it.


After their win against Czech Republic, Switzerland Skip, Mirjam Ott, said:

“Absolutely, it was a quick game, we had a great end where we scored six and we are happy about getting another win.

“We placed some really good shots in that end, the Czechs had some misses and we took the opportunity [to take six points].

“I hope confidence continues to grow. We just have another four games against another four good teams so we still have to play very well. But if it runs like this it is always a pleasure.

“We still have to keep fighting, have good draw weight and have good team work. I think you can do a lot of things on this very good ice so it’s important to have good communication.

“So far communication has been the key. It wasn’t that easy tonight because of the crowd and the cheering. It was a little bit loud and we had a few problems [communicating] at the beginning, but that’s ok, it’s a nice atmosphere. It’s fun playing here, with that much people, cheering for the teams and that makes it great fun for the players.”

Draw 10


After their win over Czech Republic, Scotland Skip, Eve Muirhead, said:

"I think that’s a solid performance, and I think we played well against Switzerland and we kept that up. I feel like I’m throwing the stone well and the shots are starting to come off now.

"I think hopefully now we’re getting a few breaks and I’m feeling a bit more confident now.

"We don’t want to fire too early. We struggled big time with the stones, it always takes a couple of days. But I hope we can just keep going this way now.

"I know I beat myself up. I’m one of those people who like to be perfect all of the time, and when things don’t go that kind of way, then it’s hard for me to take. But I think it only takes one game like that out there. Yes, it was against the Czech Republic and they’re probably a team that we should hopefully be beating. But it’s good to put a solid performance in against them. And even then, they took a five off Canada. A lot of teams are struggling; it’s not just ourselves."


Melanie Robillard, German Skip, following their win over Italy, said: "That game was a complete roller-coaster, a lot of misses, especially on my part but we kept it together.

"We were actually trying to keep it open and they kept putting rocks in the house. It got a bit dangerous and I made the shot – maybe the only shot I made and it worked out perfectly.

"We have to focus a lot and come back strong tomorrow, there’s a lot of games left.

"It’s really hard because we really haven’t played in this order. Every game’s getting a bit better. I’m getting to know how the releases are and it’s getting better. I’m enjoying it. I’m pretty exhausted and I’m not used to being in the house having to think all the time."


Following their victory over Sweden, Russia Skip, Anna Sidorova, said:

“It was a great end when we took five. It is really difficult when you know you have four and I had to make the fifth, but we did it. The main thing for a curler is to believe in themself and we did.

“Every win for us is really important because it lets us compare our strength with that of the other teams. It’s really important for us because we need to feel that we can beat any team.

“I don’t care what our line-up is. I believe in every girl in my team. The main thing is to make their shots. We are so used to the team changing we are never surprised about it.

“I’m still a little tired [from jetlag], but I try to control myself and prepare for each game like it is just one game that we need to win."


After winning their game against Denmark, Korea Skip, Ji-Sun Kim, said:

“I’m having a lot of fun, unbelievable. Today my shots were not too good, but in the ninth and tenth end I really wanted to win.

“I think it will be very difficult [against Canada tomorrow] but I’m feeling very good. I’m not scared, I’m ready.”


After defeating Russia, Canada Skip, Heather Nedohin, said:

“We are really pleased to win. We got up there early with a three and we gave up a steal of two, but she made a great last shot to get in there and we had a couple of angles go bad on us, so it’s was no big deal, it was the early part of the game. If you look at the scoreboard it’s only 3-3 - it’s a not a big deal. But I liked the way we came out of the hack first end.

“This is only Tuesday, we’ve got another game today, there’s a lot of the World’s left.

“I’ve seen Russia a lot, they are ones that are on the tour. I recognised every one of them, the only uncertainty is what their line-up is going to be - it’s ever changing, but we know them very well and can adjust to the shots they make.

On fifth player Amy Nixon coming in, Nedohin said: “Amy has got it on. From bringing us food to cleaning the rocks to throwing the rocks, she is our superstar fifth. There’s so many elements - you don’t want someone who would get awestruck by the lights and the event. We know Amy has not been to a World’s but there’s no difference between the Olympics and the World’s. "She brings so much experience to the locker room, to the pre-game chat, if there’s any one player who can talk, she’s got it - you don’t need to be training or educating our fifth. We aren’t and we have a hoot out there with her, she fits right in. “


Following their win over Scotland, Marjam Ott, Switzerland Skip, said:

“I think we played very well, we had a really good game, probably the best from all of us and we’re happy that we’ve won another game. It was a very close game, Scotland didn’t risk too much. I think they were a little bit insecure because they’ve had some losses, but that was fine for us, they are a good team and we had to fight to the end.

“Perhaps we were comfortable but it was also very important for us so we were a little bit nervous. We had to fight back the hammer but as soon as I felt my team were back on track I felt more comfortable.

“I think we have a good team spirit, we fight for each other and it makes it a lot of fun out there on the ice.”