WWCC 2012 Day 7 - Player Reaction

1v2 Playoff


After defeating Switzerland, Sweden Fourth, Maria Prytz, said:

"It was a really tight game and both teams played really well. I struggled a little bit with my own play but the team was so good that I could make my stones 75% sometimes.

"I thought I was going to have to make a little tap-back and I was prepared for that, but I was relieved not to have to play my last stone. It feels great to be in the final and we’ll play as good as we can, so I’m looking forward to it."

Sweden Skip, Margaretha Sigfridsson, added:

"It feels so good to be in the final. That was such a good game and it was so much fun to play in it.

"We had such good energy that I didn’t really feel tense. I had no doubts in the extra end – my doubt was in the tenth end when we had a lot of stones stuck that we didn’t want to. I think that was one of our best games, and the team was just great."

"We will spend tomorrow just getting out strength back for the final."


After losing to Sweden, Switzerland Skip, Mirjam Ott, said:

"I don’t like to speak about luck. We had some chances and were a little bit imprecise in the first half, but it was a close game.

"We were really close in some ends - we lost a measure and on another day we would have won this game.

"It is a good thing to have another chance because of the Page system, but I have no preference about whether we play Korea or Canada – I haven’t thought about it at all after the game."



After winning their tiebreaker against USA, Canada Skip, Heather Nedohin, said: “I thought the team as a whole played solid. I think that what I took away from all the texts and emails last night was to keep believing. So we believe.

“I didn’t have a good day on Thursday. I didn’t show up and the team needed me and I said today that I needed to play well. I thought on the whole the team played really well, I had opportunities to make shots today and I think we nailed them as a team .There was some really good team shots today.

“When you get a four early on it takes your heart and it goes whooo. But its hard to maintain a lead but fours a nice number early in the ends.

“It’s about maintaining a lead, but it’s also about how you respond. We said at the hog line, come on girls, let’s respond and respond higher.

“We believe, we believe in each other, we hold each other accountable and good things come to us when we work hard together as a unit.”


After losing to Canada, USA Skip, Allison Pottinger, said:

“I don’t think there were nerves at play, I just think the ice was moving more today. My first shot was actually the one that sets it up [the four pointer in the second end], where we curl a little bit too much. At that point we were actually sitting one and all I had to do was get one somewhere over in the eight foot, like a 6 or 7 and we’re in pretty good shape, but it over curled. We had nice weight but it over curled and we didn’t have enough broom.

“Then same thing on my second one, broom placement. We just needed more ice. I can’t throw and in-turn that hard and make a double with that kind of broom.

“I think we learned a bunch about ourselves as a team this week. We want to be greedy and we want to come back and do better. I think that’s the thing that’s going to keep us fired up for the next couple of years. I am incredibly proud of the girls and even today they played super well. It was not them that let us down it’s me.”