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Feature: The many beards of superfan Hans Madsen
By WCF Trainee Journalist Michael Houston March 22, 2015There are dedicated curling fans and then there is Hans Madsen. Photo: WCF/Alina Paulichyk\'>The many different disguises of Hans Madsen Photo: WCF/Alina Paulichyk Curling fans are well-known for their passion for the sport, but it’s h
Ford World Women's Curling Championship 2010
Event Countdown presented by60Seconds60Minutes60Hours60Days \'> Downloads WWCC 2010 DrawPDF27Kb WWCC 2010 TeamsPDF29KbSome files may require programs or viewers to open or view the download: Acrobat Reader
Winter Games New Zealand 2013
Event Countdown presented by60Seconds60Minutes60Hours60DaysWinter Games NZ is hosting the third Games Curling Tournament from the 15 – 23 August 2013. \'> The event will take place at the Maniototo Curling International Rink in Naseby, the Southern Hemisphere’s only international s
WWCC 2013: Day 6 Early Round-up
Victoria, Canada April 4, 2013Scotland confirmed their place in the Page 1-2 Play-off game this weekend at the Ford World Men\'s Curling Championship in Victoria, Canada when they beat China by 7-4 in Thursday morning on the final day of round-robin play.
WMCC 2013: Day 3 Early Round-up
Victoria, Canada April 1, 2013Canada continued their winning ways in Monday\'s seventh session of round-robin play at the Ford World Men\'s Curling Championship in Victoria, Canada with an emphatic 7-2 win over Switzerland in just eight ends that kept their unbeaten record going.