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WWCC 2014 Gallery Day 4

All photos © WCF/CCA/Michael Burns
German Skip Imogen Oona Lehmann
Scotland v Canada
Team Switzerland
Switzerland v Korea
Switzerland v Korea
Russian skip Anna Sidorova
Team USA
Russian skip Anna Sidorova
USA Skip Allison Pottinger
Team China
Team China
Team Germany
Germany lead Stella Heiss
China v Germany
Czech sweepers
Swiss Skip Binia Feltscher
Switzerland v USA
Canada v Scotland
China v Germany
Sweden v Germany
Wang Rui lead: Second Liu Jinli
USA skip Allison Pottinger
Team Scotland
Scottish skip Kerry Barr
Latvian Skip Evita Regza
Czech Skip Anna Kubeskova, Korean Skip Jisun Kim
Team Scotland
Team Latvia
Denmark v Sweden
Canadian Skip Rachel Homan
Scottish Skip Kerry Barr
Russian Skip Anna Sidorova
Team USA
Korea v Switzerland
Korean skip Jisun Kim
Switzerland Franziska Kaufmann, Christine Urech
Team Czech Republic
Team Korea
Team Canada
Canada Rachel Homan, lead Lisa Weagle
Canada sweepers

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