Japan, Switzerland and Russia all secure play-off spots

  • Anna Sidorova's Russian team overcome Denmark to secure play-off place Photo: WCF / Michael Burns

The play-off line-up has become clearer after Thursday (24 March) afternoon's second-last session of round-robin play in the Ford World Women's Curling Championship 2016 in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.

In this session, Canada faced Japan with the winner knowing that a play-off place would be secured. It was Japan who opened stronger, scoring two in the first end when their skip Satsuki Fujisawa drew her last stone into the house. The Japanese dominated for the rest of the game and, when they scored five points in the sixth end, Canada immediately conceded, with a final score of 11-2.

This result puts Japan into the play-offs and means that Canada now face a sudden-death final round-robin match against Scotland, with only the winner of that staying in the contest.

Meanwhile, Switzerland faced Italy, with the Swiss also looking to seal a place in the play-off line-up. In the first end Switzerland's skip Binia Feltscher opened the scoring by hitting out an Italian stone to score two points. Feltscher had another hit for two points in the fourth end, to take a 4-3 lead and in the tenth end, Feltscher drew her final stone into the house to score one point, win the game by 5-4, and qualify.

Russia were up against Denmark. and they were a third team still with hopes of making the play-offs. In the fourth end, Russia's skip Anna Sidorova hit-out a Danish stone to score two points and level the score at 3-3. In the sixth end, Sidorova had another hit for two points and this time she took a 5-4 lead. Sidorova then played an angle raise take-out in the ninth end to score two points for a 7-6 lead. Russia finally won the game by 10-7 after an extra end to join Switzerland and Japan in the play-off line-up.

In the fourth game of the session, USA beat Finland by 8-3.

They Said It

Satsuki Fujisawa; Japan skip (after 11-2 win over Canada): "We're really happy that we were able to get off to a good start against such a strong team. We set a good pace and were able to keep it up. We're confident we can maintain this going forward. We're just going to take the games one at time for now. We're not thinking too deeply about how we are going to get home or what we might be carrying."

Anna Sidorova; Russia skip (after 10-7 win over Denmark): "I'm really happy and very proud of my team. It wasn't an easy game and we didn't expect it to be easy. I think we're ready to win a world championship now. That's why we're here. A Bronze medal is good, but it's not enough."

Irene Schori; Switzerland third (after 5-4 win over Italy): “That feels great. We played very calmly there and we're all in good shape. We're playing well but we're not unbeatable – every team is playing well. We now know how to play in a busy arena – it's really exciting and we enjoy it."

RESULTS, Session 16

Switzerland 5-4 Italy; USA 8-3 Finland; Denmark 7-10 Russia; Canada 2-11 Japan

STANDINGS after Session 16 (W-L)

Japan 9-2
Switzerland 8-2
Russia 8-3
Canada 7-3
Scotland 7-3
Korea 5-5
USA 5-5
Denmark 4-6
Sweden 4-6
Germany 3-7
Finland 1-10
Italy 1-10

WCTV next broadcasts: Scotland v Canada or Sweden v USA on Thursday 24 March at 14.00 (Mountain Daylight Time), www.youtube.com/worldcurlingtv

 WWCC 2016 session 16 results standings
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