Five teams contenting for pole position after day three

  • Team [Eve] Muirhead of Scotland enjoying themselves during session eight Photo: WCF / Michael Burns

With a 6-5 win over USA by Scotland, a Canadian 9-4 victory over Sweden and a 9-2 win for Switzerland over Germany in Monday (21 March) evening's eighth session of round-robin play, these three teams joined Japan and Russia – who sat the session out – at the top-of-the-table.

Scotland had an unfortunate pick-up in the opening end of their game against USA to gift their opponents two points but Scotland's skip Eve Muirhead hit for two points in the second end to level the score at 2-2, on her way to an eventual 6-5 victory.

In the sixth end of the game between Sweden and Canada, Sweden's fourth player Maria Prytz drew her final stone of the sixth end onto the button to score one point and reduce Canada's lead to 4-3. But, in the ninth end, Canada's Chelsea Carey played a triple take-out to score two points and take a 7-2 lead. Canada then stole two more points in the tenth to eventually win by 9-4.

Switzerland faced Germany and the Swiss skip Binia Feltscher played a draw into the house with her last stone of the third end to take a 3-1 lead. In the sixth end, she hit-out a German stone to score two more points and take a 5-2 lead, on the way to a 9-2 Swiss win.

Korea faced Denmark in the fourth game of this session and in the opening end Korea's fourth player Un Chi Gim hit-out a Danish stone to open the scoring with two points. In the second end, Denmark's skip Lene Nielsen responded with a draw to score three points, but this was to prove not enough as Korea went on to win by 9-3.

They Said It

Irene Schori; Switzerland vice-skip (after 9-2 win over Germany): “We played outstanding and it was great to have this big win. We played our game and stayed calm, which was important, because Germany are a tough opponent. We have to get Olympic [qualification] points, but we’re thinking just about doing our best rather than that.”

Chelsea Carey; Canada skip (after 9-4 win over Sweden): "It's tough. You've got to remember to have fun and enjoy what you're doing and I was in a better head-space for this last game. The biggest thing is to bounce back [from defeat] even if you don't win. You have to be patient."

Ji Sun Kim; Korea skip (after 9-3 win over Denmark): “We lost against Japan but our team tried to forget about it and we just wanted to do our best tonight. We don't think about being the Olympic host country, we're just thinking about this event.”

RESULTS, Session 8

Scotland 6-5 USA; Germany 2-9 Switzerland; Sweden 4-9 Canada; Korea 9-3 Denmark

STANDINGS after Session 8 (W-L)

Japan 4-1
Scotland 4-1
Canada 4-1
Russia 4-1
Switzerland 4-1
Germany 3-2
Korea 2-3
Denmark 2-3
Finland 1-4
Sweden 1-4
USA 1-4
Italy 0-5

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 WWCC 2016 session eight standings results
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