Canada, Scotland and Switzerland all win to stay at top of closely bunched field

  • Chelsea Carey delivers a stone during her team's win over Germany Photo: WCF / Michael Burns

Canada, Scotland and Switzerland all won their games in Tuesday (22 March) morning's round-robin play to remain joint leaders at the top of a closely-bunched field.

Canada faced a strong challenge from Germany and in the fifth end, Germany skip Daniela Driendl hit-out a Canadian stone across the house to score three points and take a 4-2 lead.

But, this was not to prove enough, as Canada emerged as 7-5 winners when their skip Chelsea Carey dropped her final stone inside a cluster that included two counting German stones to score one in the tenth end and seal Canada's fifth win so far.

Scotland were up against Denmark in this session and the Scots opened like they meant business with skip Eve Muirhead hitting out a Danish stone to score three in the first end. In the fourth end, Muirhead drew her last stone into the house to score two points from the end and extend her lead to 5-1. The Scots went on to win by 9-3 to keep their joint leadership position on the rankings.

Sweden faced Switzerland and in the eighth end of the game, Switzerland's skip Binia Feltscher hit-out a Swedish stone to score two points and take a 5-4 lead. But, in the next end, Sweden's fourth player Maria Prytz drew her last stone into the house to score one and level the game at 5-5.

In the tenth end, Feltscher won the game for her team when she hit-out a Swedish stone and kept her own in position, to score one point for a 6-5 win that keeps the Swiss in joint top slot.

In the fourth game of the session, USA faced Korea and in the seventh end USA skip Erika Brown tapped-up her final stone into a busy house to score four points and take an 8-3 lead. USA went on to record what is just their second win so far, by 10-3.

They Said It

Chelsea Carey; Canada skip (after 7-5 win over Germany): "We had some struggles, but the ice is nice in the morning — we just have to trust it because it’s quite different [than the evening draws]. I thought we played a good back half of the game and I feel like we’re getting better in every game, and that’s all you can ask for."

Eve Muirhead; Scotland skip (after 9-3 win over Denmark): "That was a good game – it was our first early morning game and we knew we had to come out sharp, and we came out strong in the first end and gave them no hope. We're only halfway through now, so we've got to make sure we can keep going. It's a long week to try to stay focussed."

Erika Brown; USA skip (after 10-3 win over Korea): "It always feels good to get a win and we’re hoping to get a lot more here this week. After some tight games earlier, it definitely feels good to play well as a team and get the win to show for it."

RESULTS, Session 9

Sweden 5-6 Switzerland; Korea 3-10 USA; Scotland 9-3 Denmark; Germany 5-7 Canada

STANDINGS after Session 9 (W-L)

Canada 5-1
Scotland 5-1
Switzerland 5-1v
Japan 4-1
Russia 4-1
Germany 3-3
Denmark 3-3
Korea 3-3
USA 2-4
Finland 1-4
Sweden 2-4
Italy 0-5

WCTV next broadcasts, Canada v Italy and Switzerland v Japan on Tuesday 22 March at 14.00 (Mountain Daylight Time),

 WWCC 2016 session 9 standings results
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