Russia and Japan maintain lead after breath taking round of games

  • Russian skip Anna Sidorova Photo: WCF / Michael Burns

After Monday (21 March) afternoon's seventh session of round-robin play – which had some of the closest and tense games at this championship yet – Japan and Russia share the lead at the top of the table, each on four wins and one loss.

Japan were taken all the way to an extra end by Korea, and in this end, Japan's skip Satsuki Fujisawa hit-out a Korean stone and then rolled her own close to the button to claim the one point needed for her win, 6-5.

Russia faced Sweden and in the third end of this game, Russia's skip Anna Sidorova drew her last stone into position to score three points and move into a 3-2 lead. Later, in the sixth end Sweden's fourth player Maria Prytz produced a double take-out to score two points in the end and reduce Russia's lead to 6-4. But, in the seventh end, Sidorova hit-out a Swedish stone to score three points from the end and win the game by 10-5.

Finland faced Germany in this session and in the second end of the game, Finnish skip Oona Kauste tapped back a German stone to score three and take a 3-0 lead. In the eighth end Germany's skip Daniela Driendl drew her last stone into the house to score three and level the game at 6-6 before going on to win by 9-6.

In the opening end of the game between Italy and Scotland, Scottish skip Eve Muirhead hit-out an Italian stone to open the scoring with three points. After a strong Italian recovery in the middle of the game, Scotland went on to win by 8-7.

They Said It

Satsuki Fujisawa; Japan skip (after 6-5 win over Korea): "That was probably one of the more difficult games for us to get settled into and get comfortable. We were a little nervous in the middle but we managed to pull together as a team. The ice was really challenging and we had a hard time reading it, but we spent extra time communicating and putting extra effort into that, which I think helped us."

Daniela Driendl; Germany skip (after 9-6 win over Finland): "We struggled in the beginning but we knew that if we could find our game we could win this. We had to be patient as much as possible – although this is not my strength – but we finally made the three and that was the turning point when we knew we could win it."

Eve Muirhead; Scotland skip (after 8-7 win over Italy): "I'm really pleased. We came out to get a win on the board and that's what we did. Every game is building towards the end of the week so that was good."

RESULTS, Session 7

Japan 6-5 Korea; Russia 10-5 Sweden; Finland 6-9 Germany; Italy 7-8 Scotland

STANDINGS after Session 7 (W-L)

Japan 4-1
Russia 4-1
Canada 3-1
Scotland 3-1
Germany 3-1
Switzerland 3-1
Denmark 2-2
Korea 1-3
USA 1-3
Sweden 1-3
Finland 1-4
Italy 0-4

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 WWCC 2016 session seven results standings
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