Japan v Russia World Women's semi-final to create curling history

  • Anna Sidorova during the Page 3-4 game Photo: WCF / Michael Burns

Russia will play Japan in the Ford World Women’s Curling Championship 2016 semi-final later today (Saturday 26 March) - at 19.00 (Mountain Daylight time), live on World Curling TV - when curling history will be made.

Neither Japan or Russia have reached a World Women’s Curling Championship final before, therefore it will be a first opportunity for the country who wins to compete - with Switzerland - for Gold medals, on Sunday (27 March) at 15.00 (MDT), in the final.

Russia faced Canada in this afternoon's Page 3-4 Play-off game in Swift Current, Canada, with the winner going on to face Japan in the sole semi-final and the loser taking a berth in the Bronze Medal Game.

After a blank opening end, Russia opened the scoring in the second end when their skip Anna Sidorova drew her final stone into the house for two points. In the third end, Canada's skip Chelsea Carey attempted a long promote of one of her own stones which sailed through the house to give Russia a steal of two points and a 4-0 lead.
Canada got onto the scoreboard for the first time in the fourth end when skip Carey played a nose-hit for one point. In the fifth end Russia's Sidorova cleared out two Canadian stones and, after an umpire's measure, scored one point to take a 5-1 lead into the break.  
The sixth end was blanked and in the seventh, Canada's Carey hit-out two Russian stones to score two points and reduce Russia's lead to 5-3.
In the eighth end, Sidorova cleared out two Canadian stones, to lie two, and had a chance to score three with her last stone – a take-out of another Canadian stone. She did make the hit but her own stone rolled out of the house, leaving her to score just two points and take a 7-3 lead.
Canada scored again in the ninth end when Carey drew her final stone inside three Russian stones, already in the house, to score one point and reduce Russia's lead to 7-4.
Russia ran Canada out of stones in the tenth end to win the game by 7-4. They have won Bronze medals at each of the last two world championships and now have the chance to do better as they face Japan in the semi-final tonight at 19.00 (Mountain Daylight Time), with the winners of that match guaranteed at least Silver medals. Canada will face the semi-final losers for Bronze, tomorrow (Sunday 27 March, at 10.00, MDT).

Coverage on World Curling TV will continue today with Japan v Russia in the semi-final at 19.00 (all Mountain Daylight Time). Due to broadcast partner rights, the stream may not be available in your country. See http://www.worldcurling.org/wwcc2016/tv-schedule-ford-world-womens-curling-championship-2016 for more information.

They Said It

Anna Sidorova; Russia skip (after 7-4 win over Canada): “This feels absolutely amazing. That's why we're here, that's why we practise so long. This win brings us closer to our main goal. Last year we were in the same situation so we know how it felt, while Canada were in this situation for the first time. We just tried to keep to our normal level. I'm really superstitious, so until we shake hands I don't take anything for granted. Now we need to calm down a bit because this means nothing yet and if we win the semi-final then we know we're going to get a meal and that's the goal.”

Chelsea Carey; Canada skip (after 4-7 loss to Russia): “It was one of those games, we weren't throwing them [the stones] that badly, and the weight wasn't that far off – it was just like everything that could go wrong did, and sometimes that happens.”

RESULTS, Page 3-4

Russia 7-4 Canada

WWCC 2016 remaining games

  • Semi-final: Saturday 26 March 2016, 19.00 (MDT)

  • Bronze Medal Game: Sunday 27 March 2016, 10.00 (MDT)

  • Gold Medal Game: Sunday 27 March: 15.00 (MDT)

  • STANDINGS after Page 3-4 (W-L)

    Switzerland 10-2: qualified Gold final
    Japan 9-3: qualified semi-final
    Russia 9-3: qualified semi-final
    Canada 8-4: qualified Bronze final
    Scotland 7-4
    USA 6-5
    Korea 5-6
    Denmark 5-6
    Sweden 4-7
    Germany 3-8
    Finland 1-10
    Italy 1-10

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