World Wheelchair Sportsmanship Award

  • 2019 Sportsmanship Award winner Rune Lorentsen from Norway © WCF / Tom Rowland

All Participants are invited to nominate a fellow competitor who, in their view, has best exemplified the traditional values of skill, honesty, fair play, sportsmanship and friendship during these Championships.

The Award will be presented at the Awards Ceremony. Players are not allowed to vote for a team member.

Sportsmanship Award Winners

Year Awardee Country
2019 Rune Lorentsen Norway
2017 Konstantin Kurokhtin Russia
2016 Christiane Putzich Germany
2015 Mina Mojtahedi Finland
2013 Jalle Jungnell* Sweden
2012 Hak Sung Kim Korea
2011 Aileen Neilsen Scotland
2009 Anette Wilhelm Sweden
2008 Gabrielle Dallapiccola Italy
2007 Augusto J. Perez United States
2005 Jalle Jungnell* Sweden
2004 Loren Kinny United States
2003 Jalle Jungnell* Sweden
2002 Frank Duffy Scotland
* denotes three time winner
No WWhCC in Paralympic Year (2006, 2010, 2014)