Hosts Korea satisfy a cheerful crowd with opening win

  • Korea record their first win Photo © WCF / Céline Stucki

Finland and Russia win both games in sessions one and two on Saturday (4 March) to climb the standings early.

In front of an engaged pro Korean crowd, Korea skip Soon Seok Seo scraped his way back into the game after giving up three points to USA in the first end. Down by one point in the seventh end, Korea earned their deuce after USA skip Stephan Emt flashed an open hit, making the score 5-4. Korea showed no sign of nerves after making a take-out through a small port to count three points, and eventually stealing the win 8-4.

In their second win of the day, Russia swapped single points against Norway for six ends straight until taking control in the seventh end with a deuce. Needing two points to tie, the Norwegians attempted a difficult double take-out in the eight end, but gave the world champions a steal of two and a 7-3 victory.

Finland had a tight match-up against Switzerland, but came out on top with an open take-out for the win. Tied 5-5 in the final end, Finland needed the last stone to secure their own fate and win the game 6-5.

Scotland won their first game of the championship after being relegated from the competition two years ago. The Scots held on through a close match versus China with a steal in the eighth end to shake hands 5-3.

They said it:

Markku Karjalainen; Finland Skip (after 6-5 over Switzerland): “I’m feeling excited. Both were tight games and we put the pressure on until the end. I’m satisfied because we are playing as a team. We always have bad shots and good shots, but we are working as a team and that’s making us stronger.”

Soon Seok Seo; Korea Skip (after 8-4 over USA): “There is no pressure, but sometimes it’s hard. When we hear the cheering we feel really happy. Usually when we play games we cannot understand what the crowd says, but now we can understand and we can hear cheering from Koreans.”

Results session two: Korea 8-4 USA; Norway 3-7 Russia; Scotland 5-3 China; Finland 6-5 Switzerland.

Standings after session two (W-L):

Finland 2-0
Russia 2-0
Canada 1-0
Korea 1-0
Norway 1-1
Scotland 1-1
Germany 0-1
USA 0-1
China 0-2
Switzerland 0-2

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