Korea collect World Wheelchair 2019 bronze medals

  • Delivery from Korea’s skip Soonseok Seo Photos: © WCF / Tom Rowland

Korea have won the bronze medals at the World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2019 on Sunday morning at The Peak, in Stirling, Scotland.

The bronze medal game ended 10-3, against Norway, for skip Soonseok Seo and his team made-up of fourth player Huitae Yang, second Byongseok Min and lead Min-Ja Bang. They are supported by alternate Jinho Cha and coach Jong Chul Beak.

On his team’s victory, Seo said: “We are always happy to get a medal. Frankly, we had a bad time at the start of the round robin. Then we won, and won, and won, which was good. The ice conditions were excellent [today] and the balance was very good. We are getting better and better as a team and we have three years until the Beijing Paralympics to make this team.”

Norway’s skip, Rune Lorentsen [pictured below right], for whom this was his last international curling game, said: “We didn’t reach the top level we can play. It was small margins that made the difference." But, despite defeat the, already, three-time world champion, looked ahead positively "Hopefully, I will coach and travel in Norway to [help people] pick up the sport.”

Norway scored one point in the first end to open the scoring in the game. Then, in the second end, after Norway’s last stone caught a guard on the way into the house it left Korea sitting with three counting stones and a stone left to play. Korea’s fourth player Yang placed his draw just onto the four-foot ring, which gave his team four points, for a 4-1 lead.

Norway’s skip Lorentsen was heavy with his final stone draw, in the third end, handing Korea another steal, for two points. This extended Korea’s lead to 6-1. Lorentsen then made a draw in the fourth end giving Norway a single point score. At the break, it was 6-2 for Korea.

The fifth end saw a lot of stones in play and at times there were moments where it looked as though either team could have taken multiple points away from the end. With Norway’s final stone they had the chance to have three counting stones in play, but Lorentsen’s draw pulled up just short of the house. This left Korea with a possible double take-out for four points. However, Korea’s Yang wasn’t able to get the angle right to remove the second Norwegian stone after removing the first. Norway took another point from the end and trailed 3-6 at this stage.

However, in the sixth end Korea pulled ahead again, to 9-3. In that end, Korea’s fourth player Yang made a draw that handed his team three points. Then, in the seventh and final end, Norway’s Lorentsen had a tricky double take-out attempt, that despite removing the first stone, handed another steal of one point to Korea. At this stage the teams shook hands, with the score at 10-3 for Korea.

Now, at 14:30 (Greenwich Mean Time) on Sunday, hosts Scotland will face the 2018 Paralympic champion nation China for the World Wheelchair title.

Medal game (live stream available)

Gold: China v Scotland, www.bit.ly/2tYYpQC


Bronze: Norway 3-10 Korea

Standings (W-L)

Q China 9-3
Q Scotland 9-4
B Korea 8-6
Norway 8-5
Switzerland 6-6
Slovakia 6-6
Russia 5-6
Estonia 5-6
Latvia 5-6
>B Canada 5-6
>B United States 4-7
>B Germany 1-10

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