Norway defeat Scotland to setup repeat of last year’s gold medal game

  • Norway defeat Scotland to move onto the gold medal game Photo © WCF/Céline Stucki

Norway defeated Scotland in today’s (Saturday 11 March) semi-final game to setup a repeat of last year’s gold medal game against Russia at the World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2017, being held in the Gangneung Curling Centre, in Gangneung, Republic of Korea.

Scotland opened the scoring with a single point in the first end when Scotland skip, Aileen Neilson, drew into an empty house.

Norway had an opportunity to take the lead in the second end when skip Rune Lorentsen faced a draw for two points with his final stone. However, his draw attempt clipped a guard leaving them with a score of a single point to level the game.

After stealing a single point in the third end when Scotland were unable to clear the Norwegian shot stone, Norway would steal a further three points in the fourth end to take control of the game. With Norway sitting three shot stones, Neilson had an opportunity to draw for the single point but was light with her attempt giving up the steal of three points and setting the score at 5-1 in Norway’s favour at the break.

Scotland had an opportunity to get back into the game in the fifth end. Lorentsen’s attempt at a takeout with his final stone wasn’t enough to remove the Scottish shot stone, leaving Neilson with a draw for two points. However, she was heavy with her attempt leaving Scotland with the single point.

Scotland stole another single point in the sixth end when Lorentsen’s attempt to promote a Norway stone into scoring position was a touch light, giving Scotland the steal.

Scotland applied pressure to Norway in the seventh end in their search for a way back into the game. Facing two Scottish shot stones, Lorentsen played a precise hit through a tight port with his last stone to score a single point and give them a three point lead going into the final end.

In that final end, with Norway sitting two shot stones, Scotland had a chance with a difficult double take-out to level the score with Neilson’s final stone. Her attempt didn’t curl enough, taking out a single stone before rolling out the back of the house giving Norway the single point steal and 7-3 victory.

Norway will now face Russia in a repeat of last year’s gold medal game while Scotland will take on China for the bronze medals. Both games will be played later today at 15.00.

They said it

Rune Lorentsen; Norway skip (after 7-3 win over Scotland): "It was a very good game. I think we made a bad decision on my last rock, but we succeeded. It was a difficult shot for her to do the double. I have had several shots like that in the last few games [pressure shots]. So I feel more and more confident that I can do them. This must be our year. They [Russia] have won many in a row. We can’t let them keep on doing that. But we still have to play the game so hopefully we can play a good game to give them a good fight and in the end we will see who is the champion."

Results: Norway 7-3 Scotland.

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