Scotland and Korea win World Wheelchair qualification games

  • Korea’s fourth player Huitae Yang © WCF / Tom Rowland

Scotland and Korea were the two teams to progress from the qualification games to the semi-finals at the World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2019 on Saturday in Stirling, Scotland.

Scotland’s qualification game went all the way to an extra end before they won 7-6 against Slovakia. Meanwhile, Korea’s qualification game was over in just six ends. They beat Switzerland 10-2.

In the six team play-off system, Scotland, who ranked third at the end of the round robin, will now play second placed, and defending world champions, Norway who had a bye directly to the semi-finals. This game is available via live stream from Scottish Curling, link below.

Korea, who finished the round robin in fifth position, will play the top ranked and Paralympic champion nation China. Both games are at 19:00 on Saturday (Greenwich Mean Time).

In their game against Switzerland, Korea quickly found momentum with a score of three points in the third end for a 4-1 lead. Then, in the fifth end they went a point better with a score of four, which had them at 8-2 to the good. A steal of two points, in the sixth end, was then enough for Soonseok Seo’s team to take the win, with Switzerland conceding, 10-2.

The other qualification game was an entirely different affair, going all the way to an extra end. By the sixth end, having stolen points in three consecutive ends – fourth, fifth and sixth – the hosts, Scotland had established a 6-2 lead.

However, in the seventh end Slovakia’s fourth player Dusan Pitonak took advantage of a well-guarded house and a Scotland miss, with their last stone, to make a draw into the house for three points. This brought Slovakia back within one point of the Scots, 5-6.

Then, in the eighth end, with Slovakia having two counting stones in the house, one of which was well protected at the back of the four foot, Scotland were forced to make a hit and giveaway a steal of one point.

In the extra end, Scotland played a defensive end that paid off. Scotland’s skip Aileen Neilson didn’t need to play her last stone after Pitonak played an angle-raise that just came up short of Scotland’s stone sitting in the four foot. This saw Scotland score the one point needed for the win, by 7-6.


1v4: China v Korea
2v3: Norway v Scotland -


3v6: Slovakia 6-7 Scotland
4v5: Switzerland 2-10 Korea

Standings (W-L)

Q China 8-3
Q Norway 8-3
Q Scotland 8-4
Q Korea 7-5
Switzerland 6-6
Slovakia 6-6
Russia 5-6
Estonia 5-6
Latvia 5-6
>B Canada 5-6
>B United States 4-7
>B Germany 1-10

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