First world wheelchair championship win for hosts Scotland

  • Scotland’s Aileen Neilson © WCF / Richard Gray

Scotland defeated Germany 9-7 and picked up their first win of the week on home ice in a game that went all the way to an extra-end.

The first half of the game saw Germany take a 3-1 lead after stealing two points in the fourth end. However, Scotland responded with a precise hit in the fifth end for three points and a 4-3 lead.

A score of three points in the seventh end game Scotland a 7-4 lead, but Germany took advantage of a few Scottish mistakes in the eighth end to level the game at 7-7 and send it to an extra-end. Scotland held their nerve and used their last stone advantage to score two points in that extra-end for the 9-7 win.

Switzerland picked up their second win of the week when they beat previously undefeated United States 7-3.

With the scores level at 3-3 after five ends, Switzerland scored two points in the sixth end and stole a single point in the seventh end. Then, in the eighth end with United States holding last stone advantage and sitting two shot stones, Switzerland skip, Raymond Pfyffer played a precise draw through a narrow port, to sit shot stone in the four-foot behind multiple guards.

United States skip, Steve Emt was unable to remove the Swiss stone, giving up another steal of one point and giving Switzerland the 7-3 win.

Afterwards, a delighted Pfyffer said, “It’s a very good day. We lost our first game but won our second so I’m very happy. Tonight, I’m going to relax and tomorrow we’ll play even better.”

Norway continued their unbeaten start to the week with a 9-2 victory over Canada. Norway opened the scoring with three points in the first end before Canada responded with two points of their own in the second end.

Norway applied constant pressure from that point, scoring a single point in the third end, then stealing five points over the next three ends after which Canada conceded, giving Norway their third win of the week.

In the session’s other extra-end game Korea defeated Slovakia 8-7. After trading two-point scores for most of the game, Korea used their last stone advantage in the extra end to score the single point they needed for their second win of the day.


Session five: Scotland 9-7 Germany; United States 3-7 Switzerland; Slovakia 7-8 Korea; Canada 2-9 Norway.

Standings (W-L)

China 3-0
Norway 3-0
Korea 2-1
Latvia 2-1
Russia 2-1
Switzerland 2-1
United States 2-1
Scotland 1-2
Slovakia 1-2
Canada 0-3
Estonia 0-3
Germany 0-3

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