Germany get first world championship win on the board

  • Germany record first win of the championship © WCF / Tom Rowland

After five losses in a row, Germany secured their first win at the World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2019 in Stirling, Scotland, when they defeated Switzerland 7-2 in Wednesday afternoon’s tenth session.

With the sides level at 2-2 going into the break, Germany opened the second half with two points in the fifth end, then immediately stole two points in the sixth end to extend their lead. A single point steal in the seventh end was enough for Switzerland to concede with the score, 7-2.

A relieved Christiane Putzich said afterwards, “After five losses it’s very hard to come back every day and try to give your best. It was very difficult in the morning today, but we were very focussed and tried to keep the play very easy, concentrate on every shot and it worked. We tried to keep it very simple so everyone could concentrate on their job. It was a great team effort.”

Korea defeated reigning world champions Norway, 6-2 for their third win of the week. After blanking the first end, Korea opened the scoring with two points in the first end. A single point steal in the third end was enough to give them a lead they wouldn’t surrender.

Both teams traded single points for the next three ends, before Korea capped their win with two points in the seventh end, after which Norway conceded.

After their win, Korea skip Jinho Cha said, “We always think that Norway are our rivals so I’m very happy to get the win. We’re one team, together, and we really had to win this game after already losing three. We felt very positive out there today.’

Canada picked up their second win in a row, and second win of the week, when they defeated Slovakia 8-7.

Canada opened the scoring with three points in the first end, but had that lead immediately cancelled by a Slovakian response of three points in the second end. Slovakia took control of the game in the middle ends, scoring two points in the fourth and sixth ends.

Canada were forced to take a single point in the seventh end, giving up the last stone advantage going into the eighth end while trailing 6-7. However, they forced a steal of two points in that last end for the 8-7 win.

In the session’s final game, Scotland survived a second half fight back from United States to win their fourth game by a score of 7-6. Scotland led 4-1 going into the fourth end, but a score of two points from United States in that end, followed by single point steals in the fifth, sixth and seventh ends gave the Americans the lead.

A score of three points in the last end was enough for Scotland to secure the win and push themselves up the table into the top half and play-off picture.


Session ten: Canada 8-7 Slovakia; United States 6-7 Scotland; Norway 2-6 Korea; Switzerland 2-7 Germany.

Standings (W-L)

Norway 5-2
China 4-2
Latvia 4-2
Russia 4-2
Scotland 4-3
Switzerland 4-3
Korea 3-3
United States 3-3
Canada 2-4
Estonia 2-4
Slovakia 2-5
Germany 1-5

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