Korea record first World Wheelchair win in Monday morning’s session

  • Korea defeat Canada for first win © WCF / Richard Gray

On Monday morning’s opening session of round-robin play Korea faced Canada with both sides looking to bounce back from their losses yesterday.

In a tense game that had a score of multiple points in only one end, Korea recorded the 5-4 win with the very last stone of the game.

Canada had a chance to open the scoring with four points in the first end, but with his last stone, Canada skip, Mark Ideson, caught a guard and only picked up two points from the end.

Korea responded with a single point in the second end, then went on to steal single points in the next two ends to take a 3-2 lead into the break.

The teams traded single points over the next three ends to level the game at 4-4 going into the eighth end. In that final end, with his final stone, Korea skip Huitae Yang drew to the four-foot for the single point and the 5-4 win.

After getting their first win, Yang said, “I am happy, but we have a lot of games left, so I move my happiness out so that I can concentrate on the next game.”

On reflecting on the winning last stone he continued, “Before the game, I threw the LSD [Last Stone Draw] and I threw the last stone [to win] like the LSD. I lived that in my mind to concentrate on the last shot.”

In the session’s only other game United States continued where they left off yesterday and surged out to a 6-0 lead after two ends.

In the first end, United States had three shot stones in play early in the end then set up multiple guards. German skip, Christiane Putzich was unable to draw either of her stones in to shot position and gave United States a steal of three points.

The second end played out in similar fashion, with Putzich once again facing three American shot stones. Putzich was unable to get her final draw into scoring position giving up another three-point steal.

Germany got their first point on the board in the third end when they were forced to take a single point, then stole a single point in the fourth end to reduce the score to 2-6.

United States opened the second half with a score of one point in the sixth end and a steal of one point in the seventh end. Germany were forced to take a single point in the seventh end, after which they conceded with the score 8-3.

After their second win, United States skip, Steve Emt said, “We talked about getting our draw weight down - we were all off yesterday a little bit. [In the first two ends], we didn’t have the hammer, but we were aggressive and forced the action on them. They missed a couple of shots early and we kept on hitting the house, hitting the house. A steal of three in the first two ends is a pretty good start to the game.”


Session three: Canada 4-5 Korea; Germany 3-8 United States.

Standings (W-L)

China 2-0
Russia 2-0
United States 2-0
Norway 1-0
Switzerland 1-0
Korea 1-1
Latvia 1-1
Scotland 0-1
Slovakia 0-1
Canada 0-2
Estonia 0-2
Germany 0-2

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