Norway begin World Wheelchair title defence with win

  • Norway skip, Rune Lorentsen © WCF / Richard Gray

Norway had to wait until the second session of round-robin play at the World Wheelchair Curling Championship 2019 for their first game, but they began their title defence with a win on Sunday evening.

Norway defeated Slovakia 8-4 after opening the scoring in the second end with two points before stealing a single point in the third end. Slovakia bounced back immediately with a score of three points in the fourth end to level the game going into the break.

The Norwegians extended their lead by scoring two points in the fifth end, then skip Rune Lorentsen had a hit for three points in the seventh end, after which Slovakia conceded with the score, 8-4.

Lorentsen said, “I feel that we had a really good game. We struggled a little to fit the stones on the [delivery] sticks but after the break we adjusted and it was okay. I think both teams played very well.”

Talking about starting their title defence with a win he continued, “At the last worlds and the Paralympics we had a very bad start with three losses, so it’s better to have this start than the previous ones. We have to keep playing our best but I think we are where we should be and I think we have a level or more we can go.”

Hosts Scotland faced Switzerland and it was the Swiss who took early control of the game, leading 3-2 at the break. A single point score by Switzerland in the fifth end extended their lead, but Scotland levelled the game in the sixth end with an open draw for two points.

Switzerland blanked the seventh end to keep last stone advantage going into the eighth end. Scotland were unable to reach a Swiss shot stone in that end, giving Switzerland a score of one point and the 5-4 win.

Switzerland skip, Raymond Pfyffer, talking about his world championship debut, “This is my first game in my first world championships. For my first time I’m very, very happy and to play Scotland in Scotland is very good. The ice here is fantastic.”

China defeated Latvia to record their second win of the day. The game was level at 4-4 going into the eighth end. With his final stone, China skip, Haitao Wang was left with a difficult raise take-out to remove a Latvian shot stone, scoring three points for the 7-4 win.

In the session’s final game, Russia defeated Estonia 11-1 to record their second win of the day and sit at the top of the rankings with China.


Session two: Norway 8-4 Slovakia; Latvia 4-7 China; Scotland 4-5 Switzerland; Russia 11-1 Estonia.

Standings (W-L)

China 2-0
Russia 2-0
Norway 1-0
Switzerland 1-0
United States 1-0
Latvia 1-1
Canada 0-1
Germany 0-1
Korea 0-1
Scotland 0-1
Slovakia 0-1
Estonia 0-2

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