World Wheelchair-B Curling Championship 2018 - Schedule

Day Date Month Draw Time Sheet A Sheet B Sheet C Sheet D
Fri 09 Nov 1 1730 ENG v CZE EST v SVK TUR bye SLO v ITA
Sat 10 Nov 2 0930 LAT v JPN FIN bye SWE v POL LTU v DEN
3 1400 ITA bye TUR v SLO CZE v SVK ENG v EST
4 1830 POL v DEN SWE v LTU JPN v FIN LAT bye
Sun 11 Nov 5 0930 TUR v SVK ENG v ITA SLO v EST CZE bye
6 1400 SWE v FIN LAT v DEN LTU bye JPN v POL
7 1830 EST bye SLO v CZE ENG v TUR ITA v SVK
Mon 12 Nov 8 0930 POL bye LTU v JPN LAT v SWE DEN v FIN
9 1400 SLO v ENG SVK bye EST v ITA TUR v CZE
10 1830 LTU v LAT FIN v POL DEN bye SWE v JPN
Tue 13 Nov 11 0930 CZE v EST ITA v TUR SVK v ENG SLO bye
12 1400 JPN bye DEN v SWE FIN v LAT POL v LTU
13 1830 SVK v SLO ENG bye ITA v CZE EST v TUR
Wed 14 Nov 14 0930 FIN v LTU POL v LAT DEN v JPN SWE bye
Qual. 1730 Qualification Games (A2 v B3) + (A3 v B2)
Thu 15 Nov SF 0930 Semi-final Games
Finals 1430 Gold and Bronze Medal Games
Day D M Sheet A Sheet B Sheet C Sheet D
Thu 08 Nov 1900 Welcome Reception & Opening Ceremonies (off-ice) - Main Building
Fri 09 Nov 0930-1030 SVK ENG CZE EST
1045-1145 - SLO ITA TUR
1200- 1230 Team Meeting - Mirror Hall Kisakallio Sports Institut
1330-1430 FIN LAT JPN -
1445-1545 POL LTU DEN SWE
Thu 15 Nov 1700 (Approx) Closing Ceremony (on-ice) immediately after the Finals at the venue
1900 Closing Banquet - Main Building Kisakallio Sports Institut
Training is for 15 minutes per sheet, rotating A to B to C to D.